Change log

October 2, 2018
  • Make sure the TVariables generic is passed to ObservableQuery.

  • The Subscription component now accepts a fetchPolicy prop.

  • lodash.isequal was improperly set as a dev dependency for MockLink / MockedProvider. It is now a dependency.

September 30, 2018
  • Typings: added context to MutationOptions.

  • Typings: more MutationOptions changes/fixes.

  • Remove allowSyntheticDefaultImports use. Typescript's allowSyntheticDefaultImports compiler option is something we'd like to start using, but we jumped the gun a bit by introducing it in Including it means that anyone who wants to use Typescript with React Apollo would have to also include it in their own local tsconfig.json, to be able to handle default imports properly. This is because we're also using Typescript's es2015 module option, which means allowSyntheticDefaultImports has to be enabled explicitly. We've switched back to using a combination of import * as X and require syntax, to work with default imports. We'll re-introduce allowSyntheticDefaultImports use in React Apollo 3.

  • Replace the lodash dependency with lodash.flowright (since that's the only non-dev lodash function we're dependent on). Dev lodash dependencies have also been updated to use their individual module equivalent.

  • Removed rollup-plugin-babel-minify as it's no longer being used.

  • Small getDataFromTree.ts logic adjustment to avoid unnecessary calls when a falsy element is encountered.

  • graphql 14 updates.

  • All example apps (included in the repo) have been updated to work with the latest version of React Apollo.

  • Mutation errors are now properly returned as a render prop, when using a default errorPolicy of all.

  • <Mutation /> refetchQueries triggered by name (string) will now use the correct variables.

  • Fix lodash typings.

September 28, 2018
  • When using React.createContext and SSR, we now make sure the context provider value is reset to the previous value it had after its children are walked.
  • Revert:
    When a query failed on the first result, the query result data was being returned as undefined. This behavior has been changed so that data is returned as an empty object. This makes checking for data (e.g. instead of data && data.user you can just check data.user) and destructring (e.g. { data: { user } }) easier. Note: this could potentially hurt applications that are relying on a falsey check of data to see if any query errors have occurred. A better (and supported) way to check for errors is to use the result errors property.
September 26, 2018
  • Revert: "Typescript: use Partial<TData> instead of TData | {}, for the QueryResult data property."
September 26, 2018
  • Improved TypeScript Typings: Deprecated MutationFunc in favor of MutationFn. Added missing onCompleted and onError callbacks to MutationOpts.
  • Added an example app that shows how to test mutations.
  • The <Subscription /> component now allows the registration of a callback function, that will be triggered each time the component receives data. The callback options object param consists of the current Apollo Client instance in client, and the received subscription data in subscriptionData.
  • The graphql options object is no longer mutated, when calculating variables from props. This now prevents an issue where components created with graphql were not having their query variables updated properly, when props changed.
  • When a query failed on the first result, the query result data was being returned as undefined. This behavior has been changed so that data is returned as an empty object. This makes checking for data (e.g. instead of data && data.user you can just check data.user) and destructring (e.g. { data: { user } }) easier. Note: this could potentially hurt applications that are relying on a falsey check of data to see if any query errors have occurred. A better (and supported) way to check for errors is to use the result errors property.
  • Allow a custom cache object to be passed into the test-utils MockedProvider.
  • Make the MockedProvider mocks prop read only.
  • Remove duplicate FetchMoreOptions and FetchMoreQueryOptions types, and instead import them from Apollo Client.
  • Type changes for the graphql HOC options.skip property.
  • Avoid importing lodash directly.
  • When the Query skip prop is set to true, make sure the render prop loading param is set to false, since we're not actually loading anything.
  • No longer building against Node 9
  • Make sure <Subscription />, <Query /> & <Mutation /> all support using an Apollo Client instance configured in the context or via props.
  • Typescript: use Partial<TData> instead of TData | {}, for the QueryResult data property.
  • Adjust <Query /> onCompleted and onError callbacks to be triggered via the componentDidUpdate lifecycle method. This ensures these callbacks can be used when data is fetched over the network, and when data is fetched from the local store (previsouly these callbacks were only being triggered when data was fetched over the network).
  • Import lodash/flowRight using ES import to allow for treeshaking.
  • Fixed a regression where variables passed in graphql HOC options were not merged with mutation variables.
  • Added a new partialRefetch prop (false by default). When a Query component is mounted, and a mutation is executed that returns the same ID as the mounted Query, but has less fields in its result, Apollo Client's QueryManager returns the data as an empty Object since a hit can't be found in the cache. This can lead to application errors when the UI elements rendered by the original Query component are expecting certain data values to exist, and they're all of a sudden stripped away. The recommended way to handle this is to use the mutations update prop to reconcile the mutation result with the data in the cache, getting everything into the expected state. This can definitely be a cumbersome process however, so to help address this the partialRefetch prop can be used to automatically refetch the original query and update the cache.
August 9, 2018
  • Fixed an issue in getDataFromTree where queries that threw more than one error had error messages swallowed, and returned an invalid error object with circular references. Multiple errors are now preserved.
  • Update both the <Mutation /> component and graphql HOC to accept a new awaitRefetchQueries prop (boolean). When set to true, queries specified in refetchQueries will be completed before the mutation itself is completed. awaitRefetchQueries is false by default, which means refetchQueries are usually completed after the mutation has resolved. Relates to Apollo Client.
  • Typings adjustment: pass TData along into MutationUpdaterFn when using MutationOpts, to ensure that the updater function is properly typed.
  • Check if queryManager is set before accessing it.
July 4, 2018
  • Added onCompleted and onError props to the Query component, than can be used to register callback functions that are to be executed after a query successfully completes, or an error occurs.
  • Add UNSAFE_componentWillMount SSR support.
  • Clear out scheduler on MockedProvider unmount.
June 28, 2018
  • Addressed deployment issue.
June 27, 2018
  • The ApolloProvider children prop type has been changed from element to node, to allow multiple children.
  • Properly support the new getDerivedStateFromProps lifecycle method.
  • lodash is no longer pinned to version 4.17.10.
  • README updates to replace apollo-client-preset with apollo-boost.
  • README updates to fix broken links.
  • Project README has been updated to show a <Query /> example.
June 19, 2018
  • Adjust getDataFromTree to properly traverse React 16.3's context API provider/consumer approach.
  • An ApolloClient instance can now be passed into a Mutation component via a prop named client. This prop will override an ApolloClient instance set via context, by the ApolloProvider component.
  • The ApolloClient instance used by a Mutation is now available in that Mutation's result.
  • Dependency updates to align with typescript changes made in apollo-client 2.3.3
  • Adds __typename for queries made with MockProvider and MockLink
  • Fixed issue where refetch was not possible after SSR
  • Fixed overly resubscribing from Subscription and allow passing function to determine shouldResubscribe
  • Simplified the MockedProvider API #1882
  • Fixed test-utils export
  • Fix uneccesary rerender on cache hit
  • Officially release new components!
  • Turn back on TypeScript definitions
  • Fix regression on refetchQueries #1794
  • Added a new called prop for mutations #1775
  • Fix inconsistency in naming of subscription document prop #1774
  • remove .mjs support
  • attempt to fix .mjs support for create react app
  • Fix default values being set as falsy in options merging
  • Remove console.error call for unhandled errors for query-hoc (but keep in place for graphql hoc for backwards compat)
  • Ensure context can be passed as props
  • Added query, mutation, and subscription higher order components

  • Added prop-types validation to the <Query />, <Subscription /> and <ApolloConsumer /> component #1587

  • Added <Mutation /> component #1520

  • Added back in support for browser / main bundles #1578

  • add component name in unhandled error message #1362

  • Added notifyOnNetworkStatusChange to QueryOpts and MutationOpts Typesccript definitions #1034

  • Added variables types with Typescript #997

  • Address deprecation warnings coming from graphql-tag graphql-tag#54

  • Add apollo-client ^0.10.0 to dependency range

  • Add react-dom to peerDependencies because since React 15.4 it is no longer "secretly" included. (ref:

  • bad build

  • Refactored and removed old graphql implementation in favor of new components

  • Removed QueryRecycler!! :yay:

  • Aded <Subscription /> to the public API

  • HoC props result-mapping function now receives prior return value as second argument.

  • Rollback importing non esm packages. Fixes the previous broken version #1621

  • Stricter type checking in the codebase. #1617

  • Beta release of all 2.1 features!

  • Resubscribe after error for Query #1580

  • Change package to produce ES2015 as module and commonjs for main #1576

  • Make Query component work with getDataFromTree by defining fetchData [#1579]


    • Added <Query /> component #1398
    • Add <ApolloConsumer /> component #1399 #1484
    • Added support for Preact when using getDataFromTree #1561
  • BREAKING CHANGES [Removal of deprecated code]

  • BREAKING CHANGES [TypeScript and Flow only]

    • typescript - graphql parameterized types streamlined for a) full typing; and b) ease of use; and c) consistency. New parameterized is: graphql<TProps,TData, TGraphQLVariables, TChildProps> where none are required and full typing only requires the first three params (TChildProps can be derived). #1402
    • Rename type ProviderProps to ApolloProviderProps #1467
    • Rename getDataFromTree type QueryResult to QueryTreeResult #1467
    • Rename type QueryProps to GraphqlQueryControls #1467 #1478
  • Fixes and Improvements

    • Fixed bug where link error prevents future requests
    • Fixed stack traces on non chrome browsers #1568
    • Fixed bug #1412 where the MockedProvider ignored variables when doing matching. This is potentially breaking because tests could break for which the variables don't match #1501
    • Update all dependencies, scripts' usage, prettier and typescript setup #1402
    • Tests are now linted and verified valid typescript #1402
    • Typescript - updated types for consistency and potential to pass through all types e.g. TProps, TData, TGraphQLVariables #1402
    • Typescript - added ChildDataProps and ChildMutateProps for optional stronger typed usage version of ChildProps #1402
    • Typescript - fix graphql HOC inference #1402
    • Made prettier solely responsible for formatting, removed all formatting linting rules from tslint #1452
    • Convert Query.test to tsx and parameterize types for Query #1462
    • Remove copied shallowEqual code and delegate to fbjs #1465
    • Update rollup configurations, refine package exports #1467
    • Removed unused gzip script #1468
    • Minify umd and ensure umd name consistency #1469
    • Converted test/test-utils/test-utils.test.js to test/test-utils.test.tsx #1475
    • Updates to examples/typescript #1471
    • Mutation test cleanup #1480
    • Removed react-native from the test suite #1451
    • Add client to Query's QueryResult #1488
    • Disregard falsy elements when walking tree in SSR #1495
    • Removed the key variables from the render prop result in the <Query /> #1497
    • Added <Subscription /> component #1483
    • Render callback should be typed with TData #1519
  • rolled back on the lodash-es changes from errors reported on slack

  • Use lodash-es to allow lodash functions to be used in ES modules #1344

  • turn back on flow checking

  • upgraded required apollo-client for bugfix for subscriptions

  • upgraded flow support to 0.59.0 :tada: #1354

  • skip null / undefined items on SSR if present #1355

  • Correctly provide the generic cache type to ApolloProvider #1319

  • Correctly initializes component state as null (not undefined) #1300

  • BREAKING: removed cleanupApolloState as it is no longer needed!

  • Exported getDataFromTree on the client

  • Removed redux from peer dependencies. Issue #1223 PR #1224

  • Support arrays being returned from render in SSR #1158

  • Support passing an updater function to setState in SSR mode #1263

  • upgrade to Apollo Client 2.0

  • remove direct dependencies on Apollo Client, graphql-tag

  • Made's TResult partial #1231

  • upgrade to react-16

  • Made non-optional #1143

  • MockNetworkInterface match mock requests regardless of variable order #973

  • Allow to pass removeTypenames to MockedProvider #1001

  • Support apollo-client 2.0

  • Replace string refs with callback refs #908

  • Feature: Add support for flow typecheck to work out of the box (without any configuration)

  • Feature: You can now supply a client in options object passed to the graphql high oder component. PR #729

  • Feature: Enhanced typescript definitions to allow for more valid type checking of graphql HOC PR #695

  • Feature: Flow types: PR #695

  • Feature: Support tree shaking and smaller (marginally) bundles via rollup PR #691

  • Perf: Removed unneeded usage of shouldComponentUpdate PR #661 inspired by PR #653

  • Perf: Removed unneeded usage of shouldComponentUpdate in Provider PR #669

  • Chore: remove unused immutable prop PR #539

  • Chore: Include React 16 alpha in dependency version range PR #647

  • Pass cached data to the child component along with the error. PR #548

  • Switch graphql-tag dependency to 2.0.0. This isn't really a breaking change because we only export gql from react-apollo.

  • Exposed createBatchingNetworkInterface from apollo-client so that it can be imported from react-apollo just like createNetworkInterface. PR #618

  • ApolloProvider now won't put its store on context unless it was given. PR #550

  • MockedProvider now accepts a store prop to be passed to ApolloProvider so that react-redux store is not overwritten

  • Make sure that all queries resolve or reject if an error was thrown when server side rendering. PR #488

  • ApolloProvider now changes its client and store when those props change. PR #479

  • Update dependency to Apollo Client 1.0.0-rc.1 PR #520

  • Make sure that the cached rendered element has the correct type before returning it. PR #505

  • Move constructor initializing of props to componentWillMount. PR #506 (Issue #509).

  • Make sure ApolloClient and gql are exported from browser bundle PR #501

  • Make apollo-client and graphql-tag dependencies and re-export them from this package PR #490

  • Print errors to console if they are not handled by component PR #476

  • Update Apollo Client to 0.9.0 and bump a lot of other dependencies PR #484

  • Remove @types/chai dev dependency which called a reference to the chai types in the production build. PR #471

  • Feature: [typescript] Add better typings to graphql HOC Issue #379

  • Update apollo-client peerDependency to 0.8.0 PR #438

  • Bug: Issue #404 fix issue with network errors thrown when changing variables.

  • Feature: Allow access to withApollo's wrapped instance thanks to {withRef: true} option Issue #331.

  • Feature: Add an alias option to the graphql function to allow customizing the display name of the wrapped component (Issue #354).

  • Chore: PR #403 move react-dom to be an optional dependency for better react-native builds.

  • Same as 0.8.0, but properly built

  • Update typings dependency from typed-grapqhl to @types/graphql PR #393

  • Chore: PR #390 gets rid of warning during queries test.

  • Chore: PR #391 gets rid of warnings during redux test.

  • Feature: PR #389 added a shouldResubscribe option to allow subscriptions to automatically resubscribe when props change.

  • Identical to 0.7.2 because 0.7.3 contained breaking change (updated typings)

  • Chore: PR #390 gets rid of warning during queries test.

  • Chore: PR #391 gets rid of warnings during redux test.

  • Feature: PR #389 added a shouldResubscribe option to allow subscriptions to automatically resubscribe when props change.

  • Bug: fix issue where changing variables while unskipping didn't result in the variables actually changing - Issue #374

  • Bug: fix issue with no longer passing errors to components w/ `[email protected]` - Issue #378

  • // old
    import { getDataFromTree, renderToStringWithData } from 'react-apollo/server';
    // new
    import { getDataFromTree, renderToStringWithData } from 'react-apollo';
  • Feature: Better packaging PR #306

  • Feature: Add networkStatus prop to connected componentsIssue #322

  • Feature: Pass component display name as watchQuery metadata for experimental devtools PR #363

  • Feature: Removed use of createFragment and bumped AC version PR #357

  • Bug: fix issue with Redux's connect and SSR - Issue #350

  • // old -- we attempted to get the state out of your apollo provider for your
    renderToStringWithData(component).then({ markup, initialState });
    // new -- you must get it yourself
    renderToStringWithData(component).then(markup => {
      const initialState =[client.reduxRootKey];
      // ...

    This release refactors the server side rendering and data access code, hopefully making it easier to contribute to in the future and fixing a few bugs along the way:

  • Bug: Fix bug in SSR in React Production mode Issue #237

  • Bug: Fix issue fetching multiple levels of queries Issue #250

  • Bug: Fix issue with Stateless components in SSR Issue #297

  • Feature: Refactored to collect data in one place Issue 264

  • Feature: Added test utilities and examples to library.

  • Bug: Fix issue with usage in TypeScript projects caused by 'compose' re-export. PR #291

  • Bug: Fix issue with forceFetch during SSR PR #293

  • Full support for both Apollo Client 0.4.21 and 0.5.0. PR #277

  • Bug: Fix issue with SSR queries running twice when a mutation wraps a query #274

  • Bug: Fix issue with changing outer props and not changing variables, ultimately caused by

  • Bug: Fix and test some subtle bugs around skipping and subscriptions. #260

  • Feature: Remove nested imports for apollo-client. Making local development eaiser. #234

  • Feature: Move types to dev deps #251

  • Feature: New method for skipping queries which bypasses HOC internals #253

  • Feature: Integrated subscriptions! #256

  • Feature: Refactor loading state managment to use apollo-client fully. Reduces library size by ~50% #211

  • Feature: Upgraded to typescript 2.0 #217

  • Feature: Allow usage of redux key or selector #226

  • Bug: Passing immutable to ApolloProvider breaks ssr. renderToStringWithData fails to reference the right store.

  • Bug: Fixed issue with context in SSR #218

  • Bug: Fixed lifecycle events for componentWillMount() on the server #205

  • Bug: Created better reference to updateQuery when bound early. It will also throw if called before it should be.

  • Bug: Fixed issue with updateQuery not being present during componentWillMount #203

  • Feature: Allow optional variables by passing null value on behalf of the variable #200

  • Feature: Added link to recompose to use the compose function. This makes it easy to combine multiple queries on a single component. #194

  • // old
    renderToStringWithData(component).then(markup); // markup had a script tag
    // new
    renderToStringWithData(component).then({ markup, initialState }); // markup has not tag, and state is passed
  • Feature: Removed client as a prop and fixed warnings when not using ApolloProvider #189

  • Feature: Added updateQuery to data props

  • Bug: Fixed renderToStringWithData causing react warning #169

  • Bug: Fixed ssr fragment issue #178

  • Bug: Fixed loading state for skipped queries #190

  • Bug: Fixed loading state on remounted component with different variables

  • Bug: Fixed SSR issue with context #165

  • Bug: Fixed issue when context changes in parent container not going through to child; #162

  • Bug: Fixed loading state on remount of forceFetch operations; #161

  • Bug: Fixed issue with variable merging after fetchMore #150

  • Feature: Allow options value to be an object instead of a method. #144

  • Bug: Fixed issue with missing methods on initial props #142

  • Bug: Fixed oddity with multi nested enhancers on SSR #141

  • Bug: Fixed issue with variable merging #139

  • Feature: Support a different store in the tree that is immutable (support immutable redux) #137

  • Bug: Fixed refetch methods when no result is returned

  • BREAKING Feature: Brand new API! See the docs for more information;

  • Bug: Fixed loading state on refetch more when data doesn't change

  • Feature: added fetchMore #123

  • Bug: Retain compatibility with version 0.3.0 of Apollo Client via a backcompat shim. #109

  • Feature: Support 0.4.0 of Apollo Client, and pass through new mutation options #105 #106

  • Bug: Fixed but where SSR wouldn't get calculated props from redux actions #103

  • Feature: integrated SSR #83

  • Feature: added ability to hoist statics on components #99

  • Bug: Don't strip data away from the component when the query errors #98

  • Bug: Fixed issue where react native would error on aggressive cloneing of client

  • Feature: pass through all methods on apollo client

  • Bug: fixed issue causing errors to be passed to apollo-client #89

  • Bug: fixed overrendering of components on redux state changes

  • Bug: fixed bug where SSR would fail due to later updates. This should also prevent unmounted components from throwing errors.

  • Feature: provide add watchQuery to components via connect

  • Bug: Don't use old props on store change change

  • Bug: Reset loading state when a refetched query has returned

  • Bug: Loading state is no longer true on uncalled mutations.

  • Return promise from the refetch method

  • Bug: Fix bug where state / props weren't accurate when executing mutations.

    • Improvement: Increase performance by limiting re-renders and re-execution of queries. Chore: Split tests to make them easier to maintain.
  • Feature: add startPolling and stopPolling to the prop object for queries

  • Bug: Fix bug where full options were not being passed to watchQuery

  • Feature: Support 0.3.0 of apollo-client

  • Feature: Change Provider export to be ApolloProvider and use Provider from react-redux

  • Feature: Support 0.1.0 and 0.2.0 of apollo-client

  • Breaking change:

  • Feature: Remove result key in favor of dynamic key matching root fields of the query or mutation. (

      loading: false,
      result: {
        posts: []


      loading: false,
      posts: []
  • Bug: Get state directly from redux store internally

  • Bug: Fix bug with willReceiveProps

  • Bug: - Adjust loading lifecycle marker to better match the behavior of apollo-client #11

  • Feature: - Update to support new observable API from apollo-client #9

  • Initial release. Brings in support for binding GraphQL data to components easily as well as perform mutations.

    We didn't track changes before this version.

  • Improved TS types (even more) in both Query component and graphql HoC. #1617

  • Improved TypeScript types of Query Component #1581

  • Improvement: Allow for better typescript usage with improved types #862

  • Improvement: Reduce re-renders by using forceUpdate instead of setState({ }) PR #775

  • Improvement: Refactor dataForChild to use bound function to reduce rerenders PR #772

  • Improvement: don't set the loading state to false if forceFetch is true

  • Fix errorPolicy when 'all' not passing data and errors

  • Fix bundles and run test suite on all shippable code

  • Fix React Component detection bug in getDataFromTree #1604

  • fix skip on component update #1330

  • fix skip on component update.

  • Fix: ensure client option can be used with mutation query #1145

  • fix shallowEqual bug.

  • Fix: handle calling refetch in child componentDidMount

  • Fix: ensure options gets up to date props #1025

  • Fix: ensure queryRecycler exists before using it

  • Fix: Scope query recyclers by client #876

  • Fix: fix issue with bad deploy

  • Fix: fix UMD bundle pointing to apolloClient for some reason

  • Fix: fix matching types with exports for flow and ts

  • Fix: Ensure typescript and flow type definitions match in name

  • Fix: Fix issue where withRef-option of graphql did not work when the query was skipped #865

  • Fix: export all types from main type file

  • Fix: Fix issue around hoisting non react statics for RN #859

  • Fix: Fix issue where options was called even though skip was present #859

  • Fix: Fix issue when using flow definitions PR# 787

  • Fix: Add in missing types for MutationOpts PR #770

  • Fix: Fix component reference and variable statement for flow types

  • Fix: Fix compilation of test-utils from move to ES bundles

  • Fix: Fix bug with sync re-renders and recyled queries PR #740

  • Fix: Render full markup on the server when using the cache-and-network fetchPolicy PR #688

  • Fix: Use standby fetchPolicy for recycled queries PR #671

  • Fix: Re-export all Apollo Client exports from react-apollo PR #650

  • Fix: move prop-types from devDependencies to dependencies PR #656

  • Fix version lock down for peer dependency version of React. PR #626

  • Fix: convert deprecated React.PropTypes to PropTypes provided by the prop-types package. PR #628

  • Fix: Make sure recycled queries are in cache only mode so they do not trigger network requests. PR #531

  • Fix bug where options was mutated causing variables to not update appropriately. PR #537

  • Fix updateQueries not running for queries attached to unmounted components. PR #462

  • Fix wrong invariant sanity checks for GraphQL document PR #457