Release notes of openfl

Interactive game and app development library for TS, Haxe, JS and AS3


May 31, 2023
  • Updated flash target externs for Haxe 4.3 compatibility
  • Resolve new @:enum abstract warnings for Haxe 4.3 by replacing with enum abstract, if current Haxe version supports it
  • Fixed TextField keyboard shortcut support to account for AltGr key
  • Fixed double timer in TextField that would cause caret to keep blinking on focus out
  • Fixed exception in TextField rendered by Cairo when the text contains ligatures
  • Fixed null exception in FileReference.browse() when no files are selected on html5 target
  • Fixed incorrect accept attribute on html5 input element if type filter is used once, but not second time
  • Fixed Context3D scissor rectangle (again), with better fix for both classic display list and Stage 3D
  • Fixed text for AM and PM returned by DateTimeFormatter on html5 target
  • Fixed default locale on html5 for DateTimeFormatter and LocaleID
  • Fixed drawing display object with visible == false to BitmapData, which should have made it temporarily visible
  • Fixed default fallback QName.uri value to match flash target
  • Fixed bounds calculation of Graphics.cubicCurveTo()
  • Fixed "Select error 22" exception when creating many Socket objects at once
  • Fixed uncaught exception when creating a Socket
  • Fixed invalid null value passed to Vector constructor on flash target
  • Fixed possible incorrect detection of current stage on TextField mouse up
  • Fixed Transform.matrix3D setter vertical scale value
  • Fixed default blendMode used by ShaderFilter
  • Fixed setting topExtension, rightExtension, bottomExtension, and leftExtension in ShaderFilter
  • Fixed compilation of RenderEvent for flash target
  • Fixed issue where setting width and height of Video was sometimes ignored
  • Fixed missing System.totalMemory and System.gc() on HashLink
  • Fixed Graphics.lineGradientStyle() to allow null values for alphas and ratios parameters, similar to beginGradientFill()
  • Fixed default fallback value for ratios parameter in Graphics.lineGradientStyle() and beginGradientFill()
  • Fixed Graphics (and text) jitter on HiDPI screens when using hardware acceleration by snapping to nearest device pixel instead of nearest stage pixel
  • Added missing parameters to Context3D.drawToBitmapData() in flash target externs
  • Added new openfl_disable_graphics_pixel_snapping define to optionally disable pixel snapping on Graphics tx/ty transformation
  • Translate environment variables that appear in File path on Windows
  • When using flash target with Haxe 4.3, Lime 8.0.2 is required
February 21, 2023
  • Improved shader debug logging on html5 target
  • Fixed Socket error handling missing some exceptions
  • Fixed Context3D scissor rectangle when scaling for HiDPI screens
  • Fixed ignored user input after changing TextField.type to INPUT when it already has focus
  • Fixed TextField exception when calculating scrollV
  • Fixed double constructor in SWF library
  • Fixed rendering of StaticText when using -Dcairo
  • Fixed scrollRect changes not affecting display objects with cacheAsBitmap or filters
  • Fixed exception in Font.fromFile when path is null
  • Fixed generation of temp file path to avoid using one that already exist
  • Fixed null exception in FileStream when calling close() on already closed stream
  • Fixed OutputProgressEvent on flash/air targets
  • Temporarily limited length of File dialog filter types to one until Lime allows more than one
August 30, 2022
  • Added openfl.text.StyleSheet implementation for TextField
  • Added scaleMode implementation to Stage
  • Added automatic scaling on HiDPI screens when window.allow-high-dpi enabled in project (use -Dopenfl-disable-hdpi to restore old behavior)
  • Added File, FileStream, and FileMode in the openfl.filesystem package to read and write files on native platforms
  • Added openfl.desktop.NativeProcess to run executables on native platforms
  • Added openfl.display.ChildAccess abstract to simplify access to nested display objects
  • Added and interfaces
  • Added, openfl.utils.Namespace, and openfl.utils.QName classes
  • Added isXMLName, registerClassAlias, and getClassByAlias static methods to openfl.Lib
  • Added condenseWhite property to TextField for htmlText whitespace removal
  • Added openfl.globalization.DateTimeFormatter implementation for HTML5 and Flash (defaults to en_US on native platforms)
  • Added some and every methods to Vector
  • Added session cookie management for URLLoader on native platforms
  • Added Stage 3D to the DOM renderer on HTML5
  • Added optional text measurement with DIV on HTML5 (use -Dopenfl-measuretext-div)
  • Added fromBundle static method to openfl.utils.AssetLibrary
  • Improved TextField DOM rendering and measurement on HTML5
  • Improved Font.enumerateFonts to return device fonts, if specified
  • Improved visibility of focused TextField on mobile by specifying its global rectangle
  • Improved restrict parsing in TextField when it contains multiple ^ characters
  • Improved <li> element rendering in TextField by adding line breaks and displaying bullets
  • Improved htmlText parsing in TextField for HTML entity character codes like &#38; and &#x20AC;
  • Improved positioning of underline in TextField
  • Improved URLVariables syntax compatibility with Flash by adding @:arrayAccess
  • Improved implementation of openfl.utils.Object
  • Improved output file size when Lime sets disable_preloader_assets
  • Improved getMusic method on Assets to allow streaming Vorbis files on native platforms
  • Improved FLA library support by allowing Sprite to be used as linkage base class
  • Fixed rendering of UTF-8 characters on macOS
  • Fixed the last line in a TextField getting cut off sometimes when auto-sized
  • Fixed inconsistent letter spacing in TextField
  • Fixed missing bold and italic variants in TextField on native platforms
  • Fixed missing Event.OPEN dispatch in Loader and URLLoader
  • Fixed missing bubbling of TextEvent.LINK
  • Fixed signature of splice method on Vector
  • Fixed missing dispatch of FocusEvent.MOUSE_FOCUS_CHANGE in some situations
  • Fixed rendering of openfl.text.StaticText
April 10, 2021
  • Updated for Haxe 4.2
  • Added for TCP sockets on native platforms
  • Added for UDP sockets on native platforms
  • Added openfl.utils.ObjectPool
  • Added shape caching to improve TextField rendering performance
  • Migrated OpenFL sources to a simpler package structure for better tooling compatibility
  • Improved Loader to prevent use of addChild/removeChild methods
  • Improved dynamic field access on openfl.utils.Object references
  • Improved handling of new lines and line breaks in TextField
  • Improved handling of layout calculations in TextField
  • Improved the rendering of selected text in TextField
  • Improved the performance when using nested TileContainer instances with Tilemap
  • Fixed an issue where graphics.lineStyle could cause an additoinal draw
  • Fixed a rounding issue that could clip graphics rendering by one pixel
  • Fixed sprite.transform.colorTransform to return a new ColorTransform object
  • Fixed issues rendering some bitmap.scrollRect objects on the HTML5 canvas renderer
  • Fixed issues rendering some gradient fills on HTML5 canvas renderer
  • Fixed an incorrect reference when dispatching some MouseEvent.ROLL_OUT events
  • Fixed renderer remaining active on Tilemap that includes no tiles
August 17, 2020
  • Fixed a regression when targeting Flash
August 17, 2020
  • Fixed paths for internal packages for case-sensitivity
August 14, 2020
  • Added the new MovieClip Timeline API for powering custom MovieClip frames and behaviors
  • Added shaderFilter.invalidate() to force redraw of a filter if necessary
  • Migrated OpenFL sources to a new package structure for better collaboration
  • Migrated SWF support to an external library (using the new Timeline API)
  • Improved sprite.addChild to reduce recursion and improve performance
  • Improved the OpenGL implementation of glow, blur and drop shadow shaders
  • Improved the behavior of VideoTexture upload and TEXTURE_READY events
  • Improved double-click behavior on TextField to select a whole word
  • Improved cancel behavior for FocusEvent.KEY_FOCUS_CHANGE
  • Improved sprite.buttonMode+focusRect to dispatch MouseEvent.CLICK on space/up/enter
  • Improved the automatic tab focus order for display objects
  • Improved support for tab focus order on HTML5
  • Fixed event dispatch from NetStream objects
  • Fixed touchEvent.isPrimaryTouchPoint behavior for touch end, tap and cancel
  • Fixed TextField rendering on Haxe 4 to use UTF-16 on platforms that need it
  • Fixed support for AGAL highp precision
  • Fixed additional drawn line in some Graphics commands
  • Fixed _sans, _serif and _typewriter fonts for macOS Catalina
  • Fixed the pixel rounding behavior for Graphics to be consistent with other objects
  • Fixed setting scrollV/scrollH on TextField before dispatching Event.SCROLL
  • Fixed deprecation warnings using Haxe 4.2
  • Fixed dispatch of TextEvent.TEXT_INPUT on DOM TextField
June 20, 2020
  • Updated to allow Lime 7.9.*
  • Fixed compiler error using Haxe 4.1 and HTML5
  • Fixed compiler warnings using Haxe 4.1 and HTML5
January 27, 2020
  • Update to allow Lime 7.7.*
  • Reverted TextField, filter and renderer changes made in 8.9.2 through 8.9.5
  • Suspended these improvements until the next major release
  • Forced NPM versions of the library to use WebGL 1
  • Improved SWFLite libraries to use a UUID and have a more reliable root value
  • Improved the behavior of textField.mouseWheelEnabled
  • Improved the behavior of context3D.totalGPUMemory
  • Improved NetStream to allow HTML5 MediaStream instead of a URL
  • Fixed an issue where MovieClip would behave like a button when buttonMode was disabled
  • Fixed a possible crash issue with multi-line text selection
  • Fixed textField.setTextFormat when the TextFormat object has null values
  • Fixed some missing methods in openfl.utils.AssetManifest for parity with Lime
  • Fixed soundTransform.volume when playing HTML5 video
  • Fixed support for event.preventDefault on MOUSE_WHEEL events
  • Fixed texture flush for AGAL shaders that do not have an alpha texture
  • Fixed key modifier values for mouse events when coming back to the window
September 11, 2019
  • Fixed support for both 32- and 64-bit Neko on Windows (for Haxe 3 and 4)
  • Fixed rendering position of SWF-based TextField instances with filters
  • Fixed rendering of updated TextField instances when using filters
  • Fixed instances where incorrect blend modes were applied in Cairo rendering
  • Fixed workaround for compareMethods on HL target within EventDispatcher
September 5, 2019
  • Reverted UTF character changes to investigate a different fix
  • Fixed support for 64-bit Neko on Windows (included in Haxe 4 RC 4)
  • Fixed a possible issue when using @:bitmap assets on HTML5
September 4, 2019
  • Updated for Haxe 4 RC 4
  • Improved the quality of scale9Grid rendering in hardware
  • Improved support for rendering UTF character sets with TextField
  • Fixed a type error when running on C++ platforms
  • Fixed incorrect scale value when using openfl.geom.Transform
  • Fixed support for array-based form parameters when making HTTP requests
  • Fixed use of an incompatible OpenGL call when using the Electron target
  • Fixed reference to objects that could prevent GC in event pool behavior
  • Fixed the value for the ClipboardFormats.TEXT_FORMAT type
August 20, 2019
  • Updated to Lime 7.6.*
  • Improved GlowFilter with hardware shaders for inner and knockout glow
  • Improved the memory used when using hardware filters
  • Improved support for margins, indent, and blockIndent in TextField
  • Improved AGAL item count in converted shaders
  • Improved the performance of TextField when translating position
  • Improved BitmapData.fromTexture to support Texture and RectangleTexture
  • Improved the performance of Tilemap with multiple child containers
  • Improved the hardware implementation of DropShadowFilter
  • Improved performance of bitmapData.copyPixels on HTML5 using alphaBitmapData
  • Improved rendering when using HTML5 -Ddom
  • Fixed scrollRect rendering behavior
  • Fixed a possible runtime error when using VideoTexture
  • Fixed parsing issues when using textField.htmlText
  • Fixed issues when selecting multiple lines of text in a TextField
  • Fixed text styles following new-line breaks
  • Fixed a parsing issue for AGAL conversion when referencing an indirect register
  • Fixed dispatching of roll out and touch out events in some cases
  • Fixed the behavior of alpha PNG and 8-bit lossless exports from SWF files
  • Fixed culling when using graphics.drawTriangles
  • Fixed issues where Loader did not fully unload previously loaded content
  • Fixed Loader to properly disallow access to DisplayObjectContainer APIs
  • Fixed multiple cases in SimpleButton where state was not changed properly
May 14, 2019
  • Updated to Lime 7.4.*
  • Added initial support for custom base classes from SWF resources
  • Improved Video to allow cross-origin requests when targeting HTML5
  • Improved support for indexed PNG images generated from SWF resources
  • Improved the scroll behavior in input TextField instances
  • Fixed a layout issue when combing wordWrap and autoSize in TextField
  • Fixed a possible crash when initializing SWFLite instances
  • Fixed a possible infinite loop issue in TextField
  • Fixed the behavior of textFormat.url when the url is unset
April 1, 2019
  • Updated support for Haxe 4 dev versions
  • Updated to Lime 7.3.*
  • Added ByteArray fromArrayBuffer, loadFromBytes and loadFromFile for NPM
  • Added abstract for strictly typed event listener support
  • Added initial support for scale9Grid from SWF assets and Cairo and canvas renderers
  • Added initial support for fileReference.browse and fileReference.load on HTML5
  • Added openfl.utils.clearTimeout on NPM releases
  • Improved HTML5 SharedObject to save based on the URL path not the server name or protocol
  • Improved performance of SWFLite when searching for exported class names and applying alpha
  • Improved behavior of generated AS3 externs (for use with Apache Royale)
  • Improved edge map calculation when exporting SWF shapes
  • Improved cacheAsBitmap to respect scrollRect bounds (if present)
  • Improved ByteArray.readObject with AMF to return the actual object decoded
  • Moved internal code style to use the Haxe "formatter" library for consistency
  • Fixed incorrect rendering when calling graphics.drawTriangles multiple times
  • Fixed the behavior of matrix3D.deltaTransformVector to ignore translation
  • Fixed the SWFLite exporter on NPM releases so that JPEG processing is properly supported
  • Fixed the logic when switching between batches within Tilemap on render
  • Fixed support for byteArray.compress when targeting Flash
  • Fixed support for dictionary.each() when targeting Flash
  • Fixed an issue with the calculation in tileset.hasRect
  • Fixed the bounds calculation for graphics.drawQuads
  • Fixed handling of byteArray.position in sound.loadCompressedDataFromByteArray
  • Fixed support for the samples parameter in sound.loadPCMFromByteArray
  • Fixed handling of byteArray.position in sound.loadPCMFromByteArray
  • Fixed the constructor of openfl.Vector in some cases for NPM releases
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect text layout could cause an infinite loop
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong texture was used when re-using custom shaders
  • Fixed an issue in SWF conversion where PNG data was written with the wrong compression
  • Fixed issues with cache invalidation when setting bitmap.width and height
  • Fixed issues with processing class names in SWFLite exporter
January 7, 2019
  • Added ByteArray.defaultEndian property
  • Updated canvas TextField renderer to use text baseline for more consistent rendering
  • Updated the types for KeyboardEvent on Flash to improve support for switch cases
  • Improved UncaughtErrorEvents handler to not run on debug by default
  • Initial support for mouse wheel support in TextField scrolling
  • Disabled some incorrect HTML5 canvas renderer blend modes
  • Fixed the behavior of ByteArray.defaultObjectEncoding
  • Fixed a possible infinite loop when applying word wrap to narrow TextField instances
  • Fixed a regression in marking scrollRect changes as dirty
  • Fixed a regression in HTML5 DOM rendering when objects are removed from the stage
  • Fixed dirty object calculation for removeChild in some renderers
  • Fixed issues in SWF processing to improve NPM/Haxelib release compatibility
  • Fixed Loader to dispatch an error if Loader.loadBytes returns a null BitmapData
  • Fixed some issues with multi-format TextField line breaking
  • Fixed some minor issues for users trying to use OpenFL with unsupported Haxe versions
  • Fixed some issues with Graphics objects being dirty when using cacheAsBitmap
  • Fixed missing Event.CONTEXT3D_CREATE event if requestContext3D is called again
  • Fixed support for using AMF0/AMF3 object formats in NPM ByteArray
  • Fixed the behavior of MovieClip with buttonMode but with enabled false
  • Fixed some issues when setting the CubeTexture sampler state
  • Fixed support for disabling the context menu on browsers that show on mouse down
  • Fixed unnecessary Lime version warning when running openfl create
  • Fixed a case where Stage3D could render when the context had not been cleared
  • Fixed Sound.getLength for sounds streamed from OGG Vorbis audio files
December 4, 2018
  • Updated to Lime 7.2.*
  • Added stage.fullScreenSourceRect support
  • Added initial tile.getBounds and tile.hitTestTile APIs
  • Added support for using <tab> to set focus (tabIndex, tabChildren etc)
  • Improved several internal APIs for better memory and performance
  • Improved the quality of DropShadowFilter and GlowFilter
  • Improved DisplacementMapFilter to support software rendering
  • Improved support for Haxe 4 preview 5
  • Improved the behavior of simpleButton.enabled and simpleButton.mouseEnabled
  • Improved the behavior of movieClip.buttonMode
  • Improved the behavior of MouseEvent.RELEASE_OUTSIDE
  • Improved the quality of bitmapData.perlinNoise
  • Improved the rendering of cacheAsBitmap objects with alpha
  • Improved the GL renderer to respect StageQuality.LOW to disable smoothing
  • Improved the standard index.html template for cases when the window is transparent
  • Improved rendering in TextField with underlined text
  • Improved handling of HTML5 text when we know the font ascent/descent at compile-time
  • Improved MovieClip framescript timing and reliability
  • Improved SWF class generation with additional properties and more reliability
  • Fixed setting transforms for cacheAsBitmap objects
  • Fixed an internal issue when pooling ColorTransform that could fail in recursion
  • Fixed the TextFormat extern types to not have an extra field
  • Fixed texture upload for HTML5 video when video was not ready yet
  • Fixed a regression when performing the letterboxing logic on non-resizable windows
  • Fixed an issue where fonts on native targets had the wrong baseline
  • Fixed incorrect handling of transforms for same frames in SWF timeline animations
October 19, 2018
  • Improved ES module imports at top-level by making all types available
October 19, 2018
  • Set Lime to use a hard-coded version (unless -Ddisable-version-check)
  • Improved updating of Stage3D VideoTexture when video is seeking
  • Fixed cache invalidation in Bitmap when using filters
  • Fixed how Context3D scissoring was handled in non-shared Stage3D context
  • Fixed some issues with software GlowFilter and DropShadowFilter
October 15, 2018
  • Fixed an issue when using custom WebGL rendering in NPM version
  • Fixed an issue in NPM samples that do not size the stage immediately
October 15, 2018
  • Fixed use of VideoTexture with cube geometry
  • Fixed a regression in the behavior of scrollRect
  • Fixed an issue where the bottom of some HTML5 text could be cut off
  • Fixed issues when applying DropShadowFilter to TextField in software
October 12, 2018
  • Added initial support for PixelSnapping in hardware rendering
  • Added initial support for DisplacementMapFilter (hardware only)
  • Added generate="true" support for SWF BitmapData symbols
  • Improved BitmapData.fromFile (and similar methods) when an image fails to load
  • Improved texture smoothing behavior for hardware shader filters
  • Improved synchronization between display list shaders and Stage3D shader programs
  • Fixed a regression where TextField could fail to render on hardware
  • Fixed a regression in the behavior of textField.getTextFormat with default parameters
  • Fixed the clip rectangle for sprite.scrollRect on hardware rendering
  • Fixed stage.color to return a 32-bit value
  • Fixed Context3D scissoring with a width or height of 0
  • Fixed an issue where scrollRect could show a pixel improperly
  • Fixed issues when compiling using -Dtelemetry
  • Fixed a Haxe 4 compiler deprecation warning
September 27, 2018
  • Improved handling of context loss if context is not restored by the next frame
  • Fixed a regression in indexed hardware graphics.drawTriangles rendering
  • Fixed minor compile errors when using some optional defines
September 26, 2018
  • Migrated OpenGL rendering internally to use Stage3D instead of calling GL directly
  • Added support for multiple Stage3D instances (initially 2 on mobile, 4 on desktop)
  • Added OpenGL state caching in Context3D (unless -Dopenfl-disable-context-cache)
  • Added Context3DProgramFormat, with initial support for GLSL shaders in Context3D
  • Added stage.context3D, present when hardware acceleration is enabled
  • Added pressure values to TouchEvent
  • Added application.meta.version to the default application template
  • Added PerspectiveMatrix3D to openfl.utils
  • Removed prefixes on imageSmoothingEnabled internally to remove HTML5 warnings
  • Removed types deprecated since OpenFL 8.0
  • Improved performance in drawQuads and Tilemap when using a hardware renderer
  • Improved shaders to use highp float values when available
  • Improved each Stage3D to use its own buffers (unless -Dopenfl-share-context)
  • Improved Font.registerFont to allow registering font instances in addition to classes
  • Improved HTML5 font rendering to use font ascender/descender values if present
  • Fixed a regression in TextField clipping when using scrollX
  • Fixed support for OpenGL-based video on HTML5
  • Fixed many issues related to Stage3D state conflicts with the display list renderer
  • Fixed compilation issues in Haxe 4 development builds
  • Fixed an issue where hardware cacheAsBitmap could result in blank textures
  • Fixed dispatch of MOUSE_MOVE event before dispatching MOUSE_LEAVE
  • Fixed a regression in setting displayObject.alpha when changing its colorTransform
  • Fixed a regression in the visibility of the mouse cursor when using Mouse.hide
  • Fixed a regression in setting on events dispatched from the display list
August 13, 2018
  • Fixed an issue where the Flash preloader could dispatch complete multiple times
  • Fixed a regression in processing SWF assets for Haxelib releases
  • Fixed an issue with stenciling on Stage3D projects that use display list masks
  • Fixed the value of ExternalInterface.objectID on single HTML5 embeds
August 8, 2018
  • Updated to Lime 7.0.0 (with backward support for Lime 6.4)
  • Merged doc sources into runtime sources for better display server support
  • Removed generated documentation from NPM releases to make them smaller
  • Added support for readObject and writeObject in
  • Improved native font auto-hinting (disabled when sharpness = 400)
  • Improved performance by dispatching mouse move events more sparingly
  • Improved state management between Stage3D and display list rendering
  • Improved object cleanup when removing children and using DOM rendering
  • Improved OpenGL rendering when mask objects are on a half-pixel
  • Fixed support for multiple BitmapData inputs in a custom shader
  • Fixed GL cacheAsBitmap and bitmapData.draw rendering that uses masks
  • Fixed to not block while connecting
  • Fixed support for MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER events when not using ROLL_OUT
  • Fixed renderer support for bitmap.opaqueBackground
  • Fixed FullScreenEvent to dispatch with the proper boolean value
  • Fixed the behavior of copyColumn and copyRow in Matrix
  • Fixed a small memory leak when using multiple textures in GL Tilemap
  • Fixed ability to preventDefault on TextEvent.TEXT_INPUT events
  • Fixed missing dispatch of TextEvent.TEXT_INPUT in some cases
  • Fixed minor issues in textField.getFirstCharInParagraph
  • Fixed minor issues in textField.getParagraphLength
  • Fixed optimizations in EventDispatcher if dispatch is re-entrant
  • Fixed missing Event.ADDED_TO_STAGE event for SWF-based children
  • Fixed fullscreen exit event to properly dispatch on HTML5 target
  • Fixed minor issues in the behavior of bitmapData.draw
  • Fixed -Dtelemetry to properly enabled advanced-telemetry on Flash
  • Fixed loader.loaderInfo.width and height values when loading bitmaps
  • Fixed a regression in setting stage.color to 0
  • Fixed the orientation of cube textures in Stage3D
  • Fixed "JPEG-XR+LZMA" warning to output instead of causing an error
June 25, 2018
  • Added tile.blendMode and tilemap.tileBlendModeEnabled
  • Added netStream.dispose() and improved netStream.close() support
  • Improved buffer handling for OpenGL Tilemap rendering
  • Fixed default HTML5 template after Chrome passive event listener change
  • Fixed a regression in rendering of TextFormatAlign.JUSTIFY text
  • Fixed dispatching of Event.ADDED_TO_STAGE on document class in NPM builds
  • Fixed missing loader.contentLoaderInfo.bytes field
  • Fixed using bitmapData.hitTest against another BitmapData object
  • Fixed return value of eventDispatcher.dispatchEvent() when default is prevented
  • Fixed timing issue with multiple texture units in custom OpenGL shaders
  • Fixed MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER/MouseEvent.MOUSE_OUT to dispatch in each event phase
  • Fixed some issues when using -Dopenfl-power-of-two textures
  • Fixed stage.color to mark rendering as dirty when changed
  • Fixed on HTML5 to allow reading of input later
June 5, 2018
  • Fixed a regression in the TextField input cursor
June 5, 2018
  • Updated default window color depth to 32-bit (<window color-depth="16" /> to revert)
  • Updated to create a depth buffer by default (<window depth-buffer="false" /> to revert)
  • Improved the performance of little endian ByteArray readFloat/readDouble
  • Fixed a regression in the behavior of textField.getTextFormat
  • Fixed a regression in Stage3D texture uploads on HTML5
June 1, 2018
  • Updated to Lime 6.4.*
  • Updated file-saverjs dependency on NPM to file-saver
  • Updated to avoid implements Dynamic since it is being removed in Haxe 4
  • Added ES6 modules (as an alternative to the default CommonJS modules)
  • Added openfl.utils.setTimeout on NPM-based builds
  • Added openfl.utils.Dictionary for NPM builds
  • Added Gzip and Brotli min.js files for NPM builds
  • Improved the texture size used for rendering TextField
  • Improved behavior of texture.uploadFromBitmapData when the source is HTML5 canvas
  • Improved compilation on AS3 by including flash.* versions of OpenFL types
  • Improved extern types for NPM builds
  • Improved using generated SWF classes with dead-code elimination
  • Fixed initialization of the stencil/depth buffers when using Stage3D
  • Fixed the behavior of textField.getTextFormat to handle some edge cases
  • Fixed a regression in software bitmap filters for certain cases
  • Fixed cases where HTML5 would dispatch MOUSE_LEAVE instead of RELEASE_OUTSIDE
  • Fixed support for Vector.<T> on the AS3 target
  • Fixed a possible loop when dispatching UncaughtErrorEvent throws an error
  • Fixed Lib.setTimeout and Lib.setInterval to make the last argument optional
  • Fixed a possible null issue when hit-testing within Sprite
  • Fixed the default value for vector.lastIndexOf
  • Fixed some minor issues when forcing power-of-two textures
  • Fixed some edge cases in justified text word-wrapping
  • Fixed the behavior of the displayObject.visible property if it is overridden
  • Fixed behavior of setting Stage3D max anisotropy to invalidate less often
  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts to move text cursor to work only if selectable is true
  • Fixed a regression in the SWF generator when using it from Node.js
May 17, 2018
  • Fixed minor issues with some ActionScript 3.0 externs
May 16, 2018
  • Added (initial) support for ActionScript 3.0 as a source language on NPM
  • Fixed inconsistencies in mask shape rendering on the Cairo renderer
  • Fixed some types and behaviors when using the global "openfl.js" library
May 11, 2018
  • Updated recommended Haxe release to Haxe 3.4.3 or Haxe 4
  • Improved support for pre-processed SWF asset libraries
  • Fixed an issue when clearing filters on Bitmap and TextField objects
  • Fixed drawQuads to support beginFill in addition to other fill types
  • Fixed the behavior of Stage3D scissor to behave better with scaled windows
  • Fixed geometry for drawQuads on the Flash renderer
  • Fixed a regression in the behavior of the enter key on input TextField
  • Fixed a regression in the behavior of up/down keys in TextField
  • Fixed the behavior of inherited colorTransform values
  • Fixed support for beginFill with drawTriangles on the Cairo renderer
  • Fixed the clipping of Tilemap bounds on the OpenGL renderer
May 8, 2018
  • Fixed an issue when filter classes were accessed by the macro context
  • Fixed an issue when using custom shaders with -dce full
  • Fixed bounds calculation when using lineTo after using clear
  • Fixed rendering for cacheAsBitmap and opaqueBackground together
  • Fixed a possible issue using cacheAsBitmap and masks together
  • Fixed an issue rendering a hardware cacheAsBitmap object in software
  • Fixed minor issues to improve support for HashLink
May 4, 2018
  • Deprecated DOMSprite, OpenGLView and TileArray
  • Updated to Lime 6.3.*
  • Added DisplayObjectShader, GraphicsShader, BitmapFilterShader
  • Added graphics.drawQuads and graphics.beginShaderFill
  • Added DOMElement, GraphicsQuadPath and GraphicsShaderPath
  • Added displayObject.shader and displayObject.invalidate()
  • Added support for inheritance within Shader classes
  • Added initial support for displayObject.cacheAsBitmapMatrix
  • Added missing "NetStream.Seek.Complete" event in NetStream
  • (Beta) Added RenderEvent for custom DisplayObject rendering
  • Improved the behavior of PerspectiveProjection to be more accurate
  • Improved graphics.drawTriangles to support running in OpenGL
  • Improved cacheAsBitmap to support OpenGL render-to-texture
  • Improved filters to support OpenGL shader-based filters
  • Improved Shader to support uploading of custom attributes
  • Improved Shader to support enabling or constant values
  • Improved the behavior of buttonMode on MovieClip objects
  • Improved the performance of openfl.Vector on native targets
  • Improved Shader to generate strictly-typed fields
  • Improved Graphics to upscale only (to prevent reallocation)
  • Improved updating of object transform information internally
  • Improved behavior of window focus on desktop targets
  • Improved the behavior of numpad ENTER to be more consistent
  • Improved the playback of nested MovieClip animations
  • Improved the performance of displayObject.getBounds
  • Improved the handling of inputs to beginGradientFill
  • Improved support for byteArray.readObject and writeObject
  • Fixed the return type of BitmapData.fromBytes on JS
  • Fixed missing password field in SWF-based TextField objects
  • Fixed some minor issues in colorTransform.concat
  • Fixed some incorrect values in TextField scrollV/scrollH
  • Fixed use of current defaultTextFormat when using setTextFormat
  • Fixed the behavior of restrict/maxChars to affect user input only
  • Fixed use of context.resetTransform for certain browsers
  • Fixed support for use of matrix and clipRect in bitmapData.draw
  • Fixed some issues in mask support in the OpenGL and Canvas renderers
  • Fixed a minor issue in DisplayObject event bubbling
  • Fixed initialization of socket flags if a socket is lost on IPv6
  • Fixed setting colorTransform in some MovieClip animations
  • Fixed some discrepancies in the externs for the OpenFL API
  • Fixed an additional render that occurred on some drawTriangles calls
  • Fixed performance regression in Tilemap
  • Fixed initialization of some AGAL register values
  • Fixed ignoring of up/down key events in single-line TextField objects
  • Fixed the value of textWidth/textHeight when not type INPUT
  • Fixed use of cacheAsBitmap on TextField objects
  • Fixed support for transparent backend in OpenFL preloader class
  • Fixed possible errors in HTML parser on text with invalid HTML
  • Fixed incorrect bounds when rendering SimpleButton on canvas
  • Fixed JPEG2 and JPEG3 tag parsing in older SWF versions
  • Fixed support for graphics.drawRect with negative coordinates
  • Fixed an issue where EOF on sockets could close the socket prematurely
  • Fixed concatenation of two empty openfl.Vector objects
February 15, 2018
  • Updated to Lime 6.2.*
  • Added support for ETC1+ETC1 compressed alpha textures in Context3D
  • Improved enum values on NPM builds to use String values
  • Improved to work on HTML5
  • Improved automatic horizontal scrolling in single-line input TextField
  • Fixed creation of automatic Docker builds for OpenFL releases
  • Fixed conversion from Lime MouseCursor.RESIZE_NS to OpenFL MouseCursor
February 9, 2018
  • Improved the rendering of the TextField input cursor on HTML5
  • Fixed support for openfl.Vector when only part of the application is CommonJS
  • Fixed a possible crash if no native window is able to be initialized
  • Fixed a regression in "swf-loader" support within the NPM tools
  • Fixed a minor "unused variable" warning when building NPM tools
February 7, 2018
  • Updated Lime to 6.1.*
  • Added support for openfl.Vector on NPM releases
  • Improved TextField input to work when textField.selectable == false
  • Improved UncaughtErrorEvents to catch closer to the triggered error
  • Improved the return value of Capabilities.os
  • Improved the returned value in Capabilities.cpuArchitecture on a simulator
  • Improved using byteArray.length on NPM releases
  • Improved support for old Adreno GPUs and certain Tegra GPUs
  • Improved GL depth buffer for Stage3D to be enabled by default on NPM builds
  • Fixed ColorMatrixFilter when using certain dark color values
  • Fixed adding mask children when using SWF-based MovieClip instances
  • Fixed the frequency of Event.ENTER_FRAME events on multiple HTML embeds
  • Fixed the use of buttonMode and custom mouse cursors on multiple embeds
  • Fixed Capabilities.screenResolutionX/screenResolutionY to be scaled
  • Fixed stage.focus when changing focus calls stage.focus again
  • Fixed minor type definition issues for TypeScript and NPM-based Haxe code
  • Fixed clearing graphics in on canvas renderer
  • Fixed the x and y of certain kinds of SWF-based TextField instances
  • Fixed support for Context3D.setRenderToTexture when GLESv3
  • Fixed the metrics of TextField objects with empty text
January 15, 2018
  • Updated Lime to 6.0.*
  • Added initial release of OpenFL for NPM
  • Added TypeScript, ES6 JavaScript and ES5 JavaScript language support
  • Added new Stage support on NPM builds to initiate content
  • Added sendToURL, navigateToURL and openfl.utils.* top-level functions
  • Added support for using URLVariables with navigateToURL
  • Added Font.loadFromBytes, Font.loadFromFile and Font.loadFromName
  • Added initial implemention of openfl.utils.AssetManifest
  • Improved performance in GL BitmapData upload and changes to bitmap filters
  • Improved SWF processing tools to work with Node.js (used in swf-loader)
  • Improved support for consuming OpenFL as a JavaScript library
  • Improved handling of default HTTP timeout if -Dlime-default-timeout is set
  • Improved tilemap.removeTile ignore null tiles
  • Fixed support for use of many OpenFL classes and methods on Node.js
  • Fixed multi-line TextField to render cursor on correct line
  • Fixed AssetLibrary.fromManifest to up-cast if the result is a Lime library
  • Fixed setTextFormat so it does not remove links, if they exist
  • Fixed hit-testing objects when !sprite.mouseEnabled with children
  • Fixed support for support DOM rendering at runtime (no -Ddom required)
  • Fixed issue where setting colorTransform would not update properly
December 5, 2017
  • Fixed a regression that caused an immediate runtime error on Flash Player
December 5, 2017
  • Fixed issue where run script required Lime CFFI before Lime was installed
  • Fixed invalidation of cacheAsBitmap when graphics is dirty
  • Fixed a static initialization order issue in Canvas graphics
  • Fixed circular dependency issues in anticipation of ES5 module support
November 29, 2017
  • Updated Lime to 5.9.*
  • Added support for improved CSS font embedding in Lime 5.9.0
  • Fixed support for rendering multiple masking levels in OpenGL masks
  • Fixed some issues with rendering masks with cacheAsBitmap
  • Fixed a possible crash in TextField and in Loader
  • Fixed the height offset when using context3D.drawToBitmapData
  • Fixed OpenGL rendering for masks with a different parent than the masked object
  • Fixed ColorMatrixFilter so that values are constrained between 0 and 255
  • Fixed a crash error on textField.getCharBoundaries when the char is not available
November 10, 2017
  • Added initial support for OpenGL masking using stencil buffer
  • Added missing ByteArray.loadFromBytes/ByteArray.loadFromFile methods
  • Added initial support for switching within font families for TextField rendering
  • Fixed a regression in graphics.drawTriangles support on native
  • Fixed a case where scrollH updating in TextField could be one character off
  • Fixed a problem where two TextField instances could both receive input at once
  • Fixed measurement value of textField.textHeight when a field is empty
  • Fixed support for <window color-depth="32" /> for HTML5 template
November 6, 2017
  • Added initial support for compressed textures for Stage3D
  • Added support for Ctrl+C/Cmd+C copying from selectable TextField
  • Added initial auto textField.scrollH support on single-line input TextField
  • Improved urlRequest.manageCookies to default to false for better CORS behavior
  • Improved uncaught error event handling on HTML5
  • Improved support for textField.restrict and maxChars
  • Improved support for switching focus to/from multiple TextFields
  • Fixed the size of the cursor in TextField to be more consistent
  • Fixed mouseEvent.buttonDown to accurately reflect the state of the left button
  • Fixed FullScreenEvent to behave more consistently on HTML5
  • Fixed the coordinates used for context3D.drawToBitmapData
October 24, 2017
  • Updated Lime to 5.8.*
  • Added capture phase support for all DisplayObject events
  • Added support for tile.colorTransform on Flash Tilemap
  • Added support for URLRequest followRedirects and manageCookies
  • Added support for URLRequest idleTimeout and userAgent
  • Improved the behavior of sprite.hitArea with children
  • Improved the tabEnabled and mouse focus behavior
  • Fixed TileArray when does not exist in Tileset
  • Fixed support for tile.colorTransform on OpenGL Tilemap
  • Fixed the removal of bitmap filters in MovieClip animation where needed
  • Fixed similar font name resolution to better ignore non-alphabetic characters
  • Fixed support for combining bitmap filters with ColorTransform
  • Fixed support for videos in mobile Safari
  • Fixed some issues when using the Java target
  • Fixed a regression in HTML5 openfl.Vector JSON stringification
October 12, 2017
  • Fixed support for using static initialization with bitmap filters
  • Fixed world transform values when nesting cacheAsBitmap objects
  • Fixed the behavior of using tilemap.addTile multiple times with the same tile
  • Fixed the rendering of Tilemap using HTML5 -Ddom rendering
  • Fixed conversion of SWF assets if a SWF class name is not found
October 10, 2017
  • Updated Lime to 5.7.*
  • Added initial Dockerfile script
  • Added initial support for ATF cubemap textures
  • Improved native TextField rendering to use native text layouts directly
  • Improved support for combining characters in native TextField rendering
  • Improved word-wrapping when the final character in a line is a space
  • Improved the performance of cacheAsBitmap objects significantly
  • Improved Vector to support new Vector<Int>([1,2,3]) initialization
  • Fixed incorrect trimming of final line character when "\n" is used
  • Fixed the color order of ColorMatrixFilter on certain targets
  • Fixed the position of graphics.drawTriangles shape rendering
  • Fixed casting of Vector<T> to Vector<Dynamic> on C++ target
  • Fixed proper serialization of openfl.Vector on HTML5
  • Fixed setting of byteArray.position value if byteArray.length is smaller
  • Fixed XMLSocket to send DataEvent based on String message boundaries
  • Fixed some issues in textField.setTextFormat
  • Fixed the behavior of context3D.setStencilActions on OpenGL
  • Fixed minor build issues when using Haxe 4 prerelease builds
September 26, 2017
  • Added openfl.utils.Function
  • Added support for MouseEvent.RELEASE_OUTSIDE
  • Added missing mouseEvent.isRelatedObjectInaccessible property
  • Changed recommended Haxe version to 3.4.3
  • Changed some Dynamic values to use Haxe Any type (Haxe 3.4+)
  • Improved hit testing in graphics to support winding rules
  • Improved timing of ProgressEvent.SOCKET_DATA when using web sockets
  • Fixed use of filters on Bitmap or Tilemap objects
  • Fixed hit testing when using graphics.lineStyle in some cases
  • Fixed support for graphics.drawTriangles when omitting optional parameters
  • Fixed some cases where display object positions were not updated
September 13, 2017
  • Fixed regression in color order when processing SWF assets
  • Fixed an issue with MovieClip children being removed improperly
September 12, 2017
  • Added missing vector.removeAt method
  • Added missing stage.contentsScaleFactor property
  • Improved the error messages on HTML5
  • Fixed the default separator value for vector.join
  • Fixed support for certain kinds of recursion in eventDispatcher.dispatchEvent
  • Fixed a regression in dimensions for glow and blur filters
  • Fixed the behavior of tilemap.removeTiles() with no arguments
  • Fixed missing properties on Flash openfl.text.TextField extern
  • Fixed the default endianness of Socket and XMLSocket
  • Fixed a possible infinite loop in TextField layout
  • Fixed some issues with MovieClip frame scripts that skip frames
  • Fixed the behavior of alpha images in bitmapData.copyPixels
  • Fixed endianness issues in bitmapData.getPixels and bitmapData.setPixels
August 25, 2017
  • Added official support for Adobe AIR
  • Added initial support for blur, glow and drop shadow filters
  • Added Sound.loadFromFile for consistency with other asset types
  • Added support for setting Mouse.cursor to a lime.ui.MouseCursor value
  • Added initial support for tile.rect for custom Tile source rectangles
  • Improved the (beta) TileArray API with support for iterating in a loop
  • Improved the (beta) TileArray API with a shared ITile interface
  • Improved the memory used for SWF libraries that use JPEG alpha channels
  • Improved GameInput to dispatch DEVICE_ADDED for pre-existing devices
  • Improved code completion support when using -Dopenfl-dynamic
  • Improved support for winding rules in graphics.drawPath
  • Fixed multiple issues affecting Tilemap behavior and rendering
  • Fixed multiple issues affecting TextField rendering and layout
  • Fixed support for using blendMode in bitmapData.draw
  • Fixed scissor coordinates in Stage3D render-to-texture
  • Fixed handling of "rcp" AGAL code in support of Away3D
  • Fixed issue when setting lineStyle at certain times in vector draw instructions
  • Fixed automatic removal of manually added MovieClip children
  • Fixed missing scroll event when scrolling a Textfield
  • Fixed possible duplication of property names in generated SWF classes
  • Fixed missing stage reference on MovieClip creation
  • Fixed missing Loader.uncaughtErrorEvents reference
  • Fixed GLSL issue on Raspberry Pi devices
August 3, 2017
  • Fixed caching in Bitmap when there are BitmapData changes
  • Fixed a regression in GL rendering for Tilemap
  • Fixed issue where tileArray.visible could affect multiple tiles
  • Fixed the value of info.level when a NetConnection succeeds
July 31, 2017
  • Removed typedefs (use
  • Removed TypedArray typedefs (use types from lime.utils.*)
  • Added (beta) custom shader support for most basic DisplayObject types
  • Added (beta) TileArray API for Tilemap rendering
  • Added support for OpenGL hardware colorTransform
  • Added initial support for JS/HScript frame scripts with SWF content
  • Added initial sound exporting to SWF content bundles
  • Added blend mode support for canvas, Cairo, and improved GL support
  • Added support for skipping rendering if the stage has not changed
  • Added support for Tilemap OpenGL colorTransform and custom shaders
  • Made openfl.utils.ByteArray use Lime System.endianness by default
  • Changed the output directory to not include the build type by default
  • Improved the quality of MovieClip animation rendering
  • Improved SWF content to support visible, blendMode and cacheAsBitmap
  • Improved documentation to be in Markdown format instead of HTML
  • Improved SWF font name matching if font name has no spaces
  • Improved support for SWF custom base classes
  • Improved support for WebAssembly builds
  • Fixed support for cacheAsBitmap on HTML5 -Ddom rendering
  • Fixed use of bitmapData.draw on high-DPI HTML5 -Ddom rendering
  • Fixed an issue with some kinds of UTF8 text input
  • Fixed sorting of event listeners to preserve order if priority is equal
  • Fixed rendering of SimpleButton on HTML5 -Ddom mode
  • Fixed use of insecure WebSocket protocol on https:// sites
  • Fixed unknown file extension in generated SWF content with some servers
  • Fixed rendering of stage3D.x/stage3D.y when using a scissor
  • Fixed caret not rendering on Cairo when textField.text is empty
  • Fixed rendering issue on Chrome when resizing canvas in -Ddom mode
  • Fixed compilation in JavaScript -Dmodular builds
June 21, 2017
  • Fixed regression where loader.unload() set contentLoaderInfo to null
  • Fixed possible build error in URLLoader
June 20, 2017
  • Deprecated handler callbacks in openfl.utils.Assets.load* methods
  • Improved the leading of embedded SWF fonts on native
  • Improved addChild to throw an error when adding a null child
  • Improved loaded asset libraries to register using loaderURL as the name
  • Improved the behavior of ExternalInterface when errors are thrown
  • Improved the behavior of mitered lines in vector shapes
  • Improved support for the rcp command in AGAL
  • Fixed the canvas shape renderer to use even/odd winding like Cairo
  • Fixed support for SimpleButton rendering in regression cases
  • Fixed cases where Loader.content/LoaderInfo.content were not set
  • Fixed an incorrect input buffer position in
  • Fixed Socket to report as not connected immediately on close()
  • Fixed opaqueBackground rendering for Tilemap
  • Fixed dispatching of HTTPStatusEvent from
  • Fixed a case where Capabilities.screenDPI could have a null error
June 7, 2017
  • Added lime.text.UTF8String internally to improve UTF-8 support
  • Improved XMLSocket to use Socket internally for better support
  • Improved the performance of -Dopenfl-disable-graphics-upscaling
  • Improved sharpness of text when rendering on HTML5 -Ddom
  • Improved support for ATF textures in Stage3D
  • Improved internal code to reduce recurrent GC activity
  • Improved ByteArray to allow conversion (with position) to BytePointer
  • Fixed regressions in rendering SimpleButton objects
  • Fixed some cases of <font size="" /> in textField.htmlText
  • Fixed crash when attempting to attach a null NetStream to Video
  • Fixed support for specific cross-origin requests in HTML5 -Ddom
  • Fixed support for Stage3D on HTML5 -Ddom
  • Fixed support for cacheAsBitmap on HTML5 -Ddom
  • Fixed regression in bounds calculation for some display objects
  • Fixed setting Shader.glVertexSource
  • Fixed support for current Haxe development builds
May 23, 2017
  • Revert wildcard Lime dependency until it is more stable
  • Fixed deprecation of DOMSprite and OpenGLView
  • Fixed cacheAsBitmap when making certain visual changes
May 20, 2017
  • Fixed regression causing incorrect internal bounds calculation
  • Fixed an issue compiling openfl display flash output
  • Fixed regression in path resolution for SWF library handler tools
May 19, 2017
  • Updated for Lime 5
  • Added openfl.text.StaticText (used in SWF assets)
  • Added openfl.display.AVM1Movie for better compatibility with Flash
  • Added initial support for DisplayObject cacheAsBitmap
  • Added support for DisplayObject colorTransform using cacheAsBitmap
  • Added support for graphicsPath.cubicCurveTo
  • Improved support for graphics.readGraphicsData/drawGraphicsData
  • Improved behavior of Stage3D mipmap filtering
  • Deprecated* types (use*)
  • Deprecated openfl.utils.* typed arrays (use lime.utils.*)
  • Fixed clipping in graphics.cubicCurveTo
  • Fixed an issue compiling the output of openfl display
  • Fixed support for <window always-on-top="true" /> in template
  • Fixed support for synchronous BitmapData.fromBytes on native
  • Fixed support for Stage3D on HTML5 DOM target
May 4, 2017
  • Removed old preloader support (use new preloader format)
  • Removed callback in BitmapData.fromBase64 (use .loadFromBase64)
  • Removed callback in BitmapData.fromBytes (use .loadFromBytes)
  • Removed callbacks in BitmapData.fromFile (use .loadFromFile)
  • Removed unused parameter in sound.loadCompressedDataFromByteArray
  • Removed openfl.embed support in HTML template (use lime.embed)
  • Removed bundled import of asset classes (use openfl.utils.*)
  • Added initial support for compressed Stage3D textures
  • Added initial support for Adobe Texture Format in Stage3D
  • Added support for GraphicsTrianglePath
  • Added support for graphics.drawRoundRectComplex
  • Added support for MovieClip.isPlaying
  • Added capture phase to Event.ADDED and Event.REMOVED_FROM_STAGE
  • Improved alignment and layout grouping in TextField
  • Improved the behavior of GraphicsPath
  • Improved openfl.display.Shader to optimize better in JavaScript
  • Improved behavior of bitmapData.drawWithQuality using StageQuality.LOW
  • Improved the behavior of inherited blend modes
  • Improved the behavior of Stage3D mipmap filter smoothing
  • Improved the way uncaught errors are reported on iOS
  • Improved ByteArray to convert to a DataPointer with position preserved
  • Improved performance of byteArray.writeFloat when LITTLE_ENDIAN
  • Improved vector.toString on Flash to be consistent with other targets
  • Improved Vector.reverse to have the correct return type
  • Fixed conversion of null openfl.Vector to String
  • Fixed inclusion of alpha images in SWF exporter tool
  • Fixed some cases where width or height of a Shape was incorrect
  • Fixed performance regression when using Stage3D in release
  • Fixed binary size of SWF tools to support older Neko releases
  • Fixed an issue using Dictionary in some circumstances on HTML5
  • Fixed code completion issue when referencing RenderSession
  • Fixed static initialization order of CFFI methods
March 28, 2017
  • Implemented Context3D.drawToBitmapData
  • Improved support for embedded SWF libraries on Flash
  • Fixed a regression in render-to-texture support with Context3D
  • Fixed a minor issue when using OpenFL with Raspberry Pi
  • Fixed support for Assets.getBitmapData from a SWF library
  • Fixed support for Sound.loadPCMFromByteArray
March 17, 2017
  • Updated additional classes to build for release
  • Fixed a performance regression in Cairo TextField rendering
  • Fixed VertexBuffer3D uploadFromVector to generate less GC activity
  • Fixed double loading of SWFLite data
March 15, 2017
  • Updated for Lime 4
  • Added initial support for openfl process for SWF-based assets
  • Added support for loading generated SWFLite bundles in Loader
  • Added support for multiple HTML5 embeds on the same page
  • Added support for loaderInfo.parameters through the HTML5 embed
  • Added support for TextField restrict and maxChars
  • Added support for Float-based keys in Dictionary
  • Added a hack to add stroke support for TextField
  • Improved support for Lime asset manifests in SWF library
  • Improved template behavior to work if Lime is included before OpenFL
  • Improved the behavior of TextField setTextFormat/replaceText
  • Improved support for String-based messages in HTML5 Socket
  • Improved support for non-smoothed bitmapData in SWF libraries
  • Improved "missing font" warning to only occur once per font name
  • Improved "asset not found" warnings to throw errors
  • Improved animated mask support in MovieClip
  • Fixed support for embedded SWF libraries on Flash
  • Fixed the array count calculation in AGAL to GLSL conversion
  • Fixed support for CubeTexture in Stage3D renderToTexture
  • Fixed the reset position after using byteArray.uncompress
  • Fixed a type-cast error when retrieving a missing MovieClip asset
  • Fixed a possible bug when rendering an object with no parent
  • Fixed wrongful error on Stage3D viewport on OS X
  • Fixed cases where stage3D x/y is set before a backbuffer is created
  • Fixed support for GL context loss
February 15, 2017
  • Implemented sound.loadPCMFromByteArray
  • Improved behavior of sound.loadCompressedDataFromByteArray
  • Fixed version check when running openfl upgrade
  • Fixed loading cross-domain images on HTML5 without using CORS
  • Fixed regressions caused by non-rounded Cairo TextField rendering
February 13, 2017
  • Added Tile originX/originY
  • Added support for Stage3D CubeTexture
  • Added dictionary.each() to iterate through values
  • Added anisotropic filtering modes to Stage3D
  • Added initial support for links in TextField
  • Disabled pixel rounding by default (fixes flicker issues)
  • Improved the quality of the AGALMiniAssembler port
  • Improved support for TextField on HTML5 -Ddom
  • Improved ExternalInterface to support closures on HTML5
  • Improved Loader to better support URLRequest parameters
  • Fixed the behavior of bitmapData.hitTest alpha threshold values
  • Fixed issue where Matrix3D did not clone data in the constructor
  • Fixed Stage3D depth clear when depth mask is disabled
  • Fixed the behavior of Stage3D mipmapping
  • Fixed hit testing behavior when Bitmap has a scrollRect
  • Fixed regressions in Haxe Scout support
  • Fixed sync between Flash Tilemap rendering and other DisplayObjects
  • Fixed issue with incorrect GLSL version on AGAL converted shaders
  • Fixed support for AVM1Movie in SWF library on Flash target
  • Fixed culling on when using Stage3D render-to-texture
  • Fixed default filename in FileReference dialogs
  • Fixed support for multiple filters on the same object
  • Fixed line paths in some instances
January 26, 2017
  • Improved Capabilities to more closely approximate Flash's behavior
  • Improved the density of projects targeting HTML5 with high DPI
  • Fixed a regression in the calculation of textField.textWidth
  • Fixed ExternalInterface.available to return false on native
  • Fixed the visibility of hit-testing on HTML5
January 25, 2017
  • Fixed incorrect casing (fullscreenWidth should be fullScreenWidth)
January 25, 2017
  • Improved stage ACTIVATE/DEACTIVATE to be more consistent with Flash
  • Improved code completion on the Flash target when using FlashDevelop
  • Improved the code output size when targeting HTML5
  • Fixed hiding of stack trace when errors occur in a custom preloader
  • Fixed possible cases where stage.x/y and other transforms could be changed
  • Fixed support for scale and letterboxing on native targets
  • Fixed use of scaleX/scaleY when dead-code elimination is enabled
January 24, 2017
  • Added support for high-DPI HTML5 output
  • Added BitmapData.loadFromBase64/loadFromBytes/loadFromFile
  • Added handling for UP/DOWN/HOME/END keyboard shortcuts in TextField
  • Added stage.fullscreenWidth/fullscreenHeight
  • Added support for Lime 3.7 simulated preloader progress
  • Improved selection of multi-line text in TextField
  • Improved the behavior of bitmapData.paletteMap
  • Improved text measurement for HTML5 input TextField
  • Improved sharpness of HTML5 vector shape rendering
  • Deprecated async callbacks in BitmapData.fromBase64/fromBytes/fromFile
  • Fixed support for the "rect" argument in bitmapData.encode
  • Fixed use of textField.setTextFormat when text is empty
  • Fixed support for openfl.printing.PrintJob on Flash Player
  • Fixed support for SWF-based assets on iOS and Flash
  • Fixed use of deprecated NMEPreloader class
  • Fixed use of font names on HTML5 that may already be quoted
January 20, 2017
  • Added (initial) support for openfl.printing.PrintJob on HTML5
  • Added a stub for stage.softKeyboardRect to fix compilation
  • Made stageWidth and stageHeight read-only on Flash target
  • Updated AGALMiniAssembler to a newer release from the Gaming SDK
  • Improved rendering for multi-line text selections
  • Changed the default font hint style to something more subtle
  • Fixed some cases where textField.getCharIndex would work improperly
  • Fixed issues where tile.rotation resulted in flipped objects
  • Fixed problems with scaleX, scaleY and rotation interacting improperly
January 16, 2017
  • Updated for Lime 3.6
  • Updated AGALMiniAssembler to a fresh port of Adobe's last release
  • Added missing Event.FRAME_CONSTRUCTED event
  • Added Dictionary<Object, Object> support
  • Improved support for textField.setTextFormat
  • Updated preloader to use Event.UNLOAD instead of Event.COMPLETE to unload
  • Updated SWFLite library to preload with the parent application
  • Fixed support for slashes in SharedObject names
  • Fixed support for preventing default on keyboard events
  • Fixed a regression in displaying stack traces on crash errors
  • Fixed text measurement on IE 11
  • Fixed return value when scaleX or scaleY is negative
  • Fixed issues where new ByteArray may have values other than zero
  • Fixed an issue with SWFLite assets when using the "generate" option
  • Fixed a possible null crash when updating object transforms
  • Fixed support for garbage collecting Sound when SoundChannel is finished
  • Fixed problems with using textField.appendText
  • Fixed the default template for HTML5 when multiple projects are embedded
  • Fixed wrong colors when values were larger than expected
  • Fixed an issue with needing clearRect on CocoonJS
December 19, 2016
  • Added sprite.dropTarget
  • Improved dispatch of stage ACTIVATE/DEACTIVATE on desktop
  • Fixed issues related to @:bitmap, @:file and @:sound
  • Fixed issues when marking SWF libraries as embedded
  • Fixed an error when compiling to HTML5 -Ddom
December 16, 2016
  • Revised the custom preloader system to use an ordinary Sprite
  • Preloader Sprites now receives PROGRESS events and a cancelable COMPLETE
  • Improved SWF-based assets to use self-contained asset libraries
  • Removed support for new Vector<T> ([]) as it breaks on C++
  • Improved C++ performance on debug builds, added -Dopenfl-debug
  • Fixed support for custom preloaders on the Flash target
  • Fixed issues with hit testing on scaled vector graphics
  • Fixed hit testing for Video objects and some other hit test issues
  • Fixed support for centered SWF-based text
  • Fixed file-type detection in Loader when using a query string
  • Fixed support for single-pass custom shader filters
  • Fixed the initial scale for high DPI windows on OpenGL rendering
  • Fixed the position of touch events on high DPI windows
  • Fixed creation of framebuffers if filters are not used
  • Fixed a regression in quality
December 7, 2016
  • Merged the "swf" library into OpenFL
  • Enabled "strict mode" by default (MovieClip and Event are not Dynamic)
  • Context3D is now automatically initialized on OpenGL targets
  • Added tools for support of SWF assets
  • Added core support for SWF-based symbols
  • Added performance optimizations for SWF-based bitmaps
  • Added optimizations when objects are re-used during timeline animation
  • Added support for custom Haxe base classes from Adobe Animate
  • Added support for the visible property from Adobe Animate
  • Added support for input TextFields from Adobe Animate
  • Added support for dynamic child access using -Dopenfl-dynamic
  • Added bitmapData.disposeImage() to reduce memory use (beta)
  • Added bitmapData.readable for GPU-only BitmapData (beta)
  • Added BitmapData.fromTexture() for render-to-texture (experimental)
  • Added framebuffer-based bitmapData.draw and fillRect (experimental)
  • Added stage.showDefaultContextMenu and implemented for HTML5
  • Added a 32 SoundChannel limit (similar to Flash) for better performance
  • Added new Vector([1, 2, 3]) (to approximate <Vector>[1, 2, 3])
  • Added initial support for runtime JS script loading
  • Added "select all" keyboard shortcut support to TextField
  • Added initial support for BlurFilter
  • Added support for filters on display object containers
  • Updated openfl.Lib.getURL use lime.system.System.openURL
  • Updated to use
  • Updated tilemap width/height to behave similar to TextField
  • Improved the behavior of SWF-based library preloading
  • Improved SWF class generation to use more exact types
  • Improved the behavior of displayObject.loaderInfo
  • Improved the behavior of premultiplied alpha on HTML5
  • Improved the performance of -Ddom when using canvas-based bitmaps
  • Improved support for UncaughtErrorEvents
  • Fixed the calculation of textField.bounds
  • Fixed an issue in Stage3D that caused flickering in Away3D samples
  • Fixed the position of when using bitmapData.draw
  • Fixed hit testing for scaled on HTML5
  • Fixed repeated dispatching of Event.CONTEXT3D_CREATE
  • Fixed support for Stage3D empty textures
  • Fixed an issue with document classes extending starling.display.Sprite
  • Fixed hit testing on bitmapFill shapes
  • Fixed an issue with keyboard shortcut support on TextField for macOS
  • Fixed the size of video playback on WebGL
  • Fixed hitting the enter key on a single-line TextField
  • Fixed optional argument in bitmapData.encode
  • Fixed behavior of the border property on SWF-based TextFields
  • Fixed support for copy-and-paste on HTML5
  • Fixed a crash issue when using Stage3D shaders on macOS
  • Fixed the behavior of textField width/height when scaled
  • Fixed ByteArray.writeFloat on Neko
  • Fixed a minor issue when removing event listeners while dispatching
  • Fixed some glyphs that disappeared when using textField.htmlText
  • Fixed an issue that could cause textFields to disappear when scaled
  • Fixed support for using Class as a key type for openfl.utils.Dictionary
  • Fixed support for scaled on -Ddom
  • Fixed the position of on -Ddom
  • Fixed support for SimpleButton on -Ddom
  • Fixed some issues with TextField on -Ddom
  • Fixed support for scrollRect on -Ddom
  • Fixed sprite.visible support on -Ddom
  • Fixed hiding of mask objects on -Ddom
November 1, 2016
  • Added support for the "ignoresampler" AGAL sampler hint
  • Improved the behavior of context3D.setSamplerState
  • Minor change to better support Lime onPreloadComplete event
  • Fixed visibility of TextField cursor on a final blank line
  • Fixed a possible null error in EventDispatcher
  • Fixed support for -Dmodular
October 31, 2016
  • Added initial support for modular HTML5 builds (generates separate openfl.js)
  • Added initial support for VideoTexture in HTML5 Stage3D
  • Added initial high-DPI support for HTML5
  • Added an error when using a non-matching Lime version
  • Updated several fields with typed values for better performance
  • Updated and event.currentTarget to be IEventDispatcher
  • Updated shaders to use premultiplied alpha blend mode by default
  • Improved behavior of non-renderable TextFields
  • Improved support for mipmapping in Stage3D Texture
  • Improved the behavior of graphics.drawTriangles
  • Improved re-entrant behavior in EventDispatcher
  • Improved removeEventListener when called during the same event dispatch
  • Improved premultiplied alpha in Stage3D textures
  • Improved the preloader system (deprecated NMEPreloader)
  • Fixed support for smoothing within
  • Fixed dead-code-elimination when using a static main entry point
  • Fixed dispatch of Context3D creation error where Stage3D is not supported
  • Fixed sound.length on HTML5
  • Fixed support for using the same listener with multiple event phases
  • Fixed some issues with event bubbling
  • Fixed some issues with TextField caret positioning
  • Fixed BIG_ENDIAN support in ByteArray
  • Fixed use of ColorMatrixFilter on Flash
  • Fixed some issues with -Ddom OpenGL context creation
October 13, 2016
  • Added basic support for bitmapData.perlinNoise
  • Added initial support for <textformat> in TextField htmlText
  • Improved the behavior of premultiplied alpha on HTML5
  • Optimized addChild/addChildAt if child remains at the same depth
  • Optimized conversion of Image to Canvas in some cases
  • Fixed an issue with cached scissor rectangles in Stage3D
  • Fixed htmlText parsing when attributes use single quotes
  • Fixed a rendering issue where changing text format could omit one letter
  • Fixed the default GL min filter value for Stage3D samplers
  • Fixed an GL error caused by switching Stage3D and display list shaders
October 10, 2016
  • Added support for ColorMatrixFilter and ConvolutionFilter
  • Added support for custom shaders with additional uniforms/samplers
  • Added ByteArray.fromFile and improved conversion from null values
  • Added support for rounding coordinates in the GL renderer
  • Updated Sound to rely only on lime.sound.AudioSource
  • Updated Capabilities.language to use lime.system.Locale
  • Updated HTML5 templates for favicon support
  • Updated Flash web template to enable Stage3D support
  • Improved the behavior of displayAsPassword input text
  • Improved the behavior of Tile rotation
  • Improved Graphics to be more efficient with garbage collection
  • Improved the behavior of touch events
  • Improved use of "-lib openfl" from plain HXML
  • Implemented hitTestPoint with shapeFlag
  • Fixed width and height values when scaleX or scaleY is negative
  • Fixed set of stageX and stageY when dispatching a custom MouseEvent
  • Fixed Tilemap smoothing on Flash
  • Fixed TextField auto-size remaining too small and cropping text
  • Fixed the return value of Multitouch.supportsTouchEvents on macOS
  • Fixed retained references after changing stage.focus
  • Fixed the "target" field of mouse wheel events
  • Fixed unregistration of sound channels when complete
  • Fixed display of TextField caret when no text has been entered yet
  • Fixed support for AGAL shader sampler states
  • Fixed drawTriangles support for HTML5
  • Fixed rendering of Graphics with negative scale values
  • Fixed Assets.loadBytes to always return a
  • Fixed the behavior of -Dopenfl-disable-graphics-upscaling
  • Fixed Tilemap width/height to reflect the scaled value
  • Fixed some issues with scaled Cairo and Canvas Tilemap rendering
  • Fixed soundChannel.position on native platforms
  • Fixed support for openfl create <lib>
September 19, 2016
  • Rewrote support for scrollRect
  • Added support for disabling smoothing using StageQuality.LOW
  • Added initial changes to support the C# target
  • Added support for ROLL_OVER/ROLL_OUT events
  • Added tileset.clone
  • Implemented support for opaqueBackground
  • Cleaned up the renderer with GC optimizations
  • Updated Capabilities.language to use lime.system.Locale
  • Updated iOS templates for Xcode 8
  • Improved Tilemap rendering and consistency
  • Improved support for high-DPI windowing
  • Improved support for disabled smoothing throughout the renderer
  • Improved the behavior of MOUSE_OVER/MOUSE_OUT events
  • Improved the removal of items from the openfl.Assets cache
  • Improved stage.focus when the object of focus has been removed
  • Improved bitmap.bitmapData to set smoothing to false (like Flash)
  • Improved Utils3D.projectVectors
  • Fixed bitmapData.draw when using colorTransform on canvas
  • Fixed coordinate calculation for some off-stage objects
  • Fixed an issue when resizing object vectors
August 29, 2016
  • Added new Stage3D code migrated from the (now defunct) PlayScript project
  • Added support for ENTER_FRAME, EXIT_FRAME and RENDER if not on the stage
  • Added openfl.ui.MouseCursor and Mouse.cursor support
  • Made minor changes to read-only getter properties to reduce code
  • Added to/from UInt conversion for standard enum types
  • Added duration to HTML5 NetStream onMetaData object
  • Added vector.insertAt
  • Added dictionary.exists
  • Improved stroking in graphics API
  • Improved openfl.Vector for better accuracy/performance
  • Fixed the order of ADDED and ADDED_TO_STAGE events
  • Fixed the behavior of vector.concat with no arguments
  • Fixed on HTML5
  • Fixed Capabilities.screenResolutionY
  • Fixed an issue with HTML5 shape positioning
July 27, 2016
  • Added
  • Added Utils3D.projectVectors
  • Added sprite.stopAllMovieClips
  • Added bitmapData.drawWithQuality
  • Added some support for graphics.readGraphicsData
  • Improved support for Matrix3D appendRotation/prependRotation
  • Fixed a crash regression on current-generation Android devices
July 22, 2016
  • Improved the behavior of Tilemap on the GL renderer
  • Improved the behavior of stage focus events when leaving the window
  • Fixed support for ByteArray deflate/inflate
  • Fixed support for increasing ByteArray size using array access
  • Fixed an issue where netStream.time was not updated on HTML5 video
July 20, 2016
  • Added mixing of tilesets in Tilemap, removed TilemapLayer
  • Added support for tile.alpha and tile.visible in Tilemap
  • Added dictionary.remove to allow deletion of keys
  • Implemented Tilemap support in Cairo and DOM renderers
  • Added -Dopenfl-disable-graphics-upscaling
  • Updated extern enum types for Flash and native
  • Minor fix to GL masking
July 8, 2016
  • Rewrote the OpenGL renderer for simplicity and performance
  • Implemented WebGL as the default on HTML5, -Dcanvas/-Ddom still available
  • Implemented upscaling in openfl.display.Graphics for better visual quality
  • Committed to official support of Stage3D, initial work to conform to API
  • Reduced the memory use of off-screen display list objects
  • Removed the legacy OpenFL 2.x backend
  • Added support for letterboxing when window.resizable = false on mobile
  • Added improved Tilemap support, currently in beta
  • Added Event.EXIT_FRAME and Event.FULLSCREEN events
  • Added m4a support to HTML5
  • Added support for ShaderFilter on Bitmap, TextField and Tilemap
  • Updated the Tilemap API with scale, rotation and transform support
  • Updated the BitmapData class to better handle WebGL
  • Improved support for textField.htmlText
  • Improved support for scrollRects
  • Improved the behavior of SimpleButton events and alpha
  • Improved code completion support
  • Fixed the default Windows serif bold font path
  • Fixed issues with bitmapData draw and copyPixels
  • Many other minor fixes
March 28, 2016
  • Updated for Haxe 3.3.0
  • Updated for Lime 2.9.1
  • Improved Tilemap for standard support across all renderers
  • Merged latest improvements to Stage3D compatibility
  • Merged latest console renderer improvements
  • Improved the behavior of sprite.hitArea
  • Improved stageWidth/stageHeight to update after fullscreen
  • Reduced the standard output size of HTML5 builds
  • Fixed issues compiling for Flash
  • Fixed assignment of Loader.contentType
  • Fixed some minor crash issues with cacheAsBitmap
  • Added textField.length (legacy)
  • Fixed an issue with SystemPath (legacy)
January 22, 2016
  • Moved to a standard abstract enum style for all core enums
  • Moved to inlining on all core constant values (for Haxe 3.3)
  • Moved to no-inlining on all core methods (reflection support)
  • Standardized the signature of Graphics to be more consistent
  • Added support for using a custom backends with an external target
  • Added a COMPLETE event to FileReference when choosing a file
  • Added TextFormatAlign START and END support to TextField
  • Added color offset support to native drawTiles
  • Improved the handling of stage.displayState on window changes
  • Improved how core externs are imported to not require a macro
  • Improved the behavior of CLICK to occur only on the same target object
  • Improved the behavior of SimpleButton to ignore "drag over" actions
  • Improved support for custom backends that do not use Lime
  • Improved the behavior of BitmapData.threshold
  • Improved how video width and height are calculated on HTML5
  • Improved handling of pixel format for Stage3D
  • Fixed the behavior of byteArray.bytesAvailable
  • Fixed the extern for PNGEncoderOptions on Flash
  • Fixed a possible crash when editing TextField htmlText
  • Fixed a crash when using an empty net stream in Video
  • Fixed a crash when using graphics.copyFrom with an empty target object
  • Fixed some minor issues in URLLoader
December 16, 2015
  • Improved the extern definitions for Flash
  • Moved fullscreen / back button key shortcut behaviors to Lime
  • Retained canvas as default HTML5 renderer on current Lime
  • Improved look-up for default iOS font paths
  • Minor compile fixes
December 11, 2015
  • Formalized the extern classes more, fixed some Flash behaviors
  • Improved the standard HTML5 template for <window resizable="false" />
  • Fixed the use of binary request data in HTML5 URLLoaders
  • Improved compatibility for ByteArrayData (legacy)
December 9, 2015
  • Improved the behavior of GameInput.getDeviceAt
  • Updated to be a GUID, not an internal index value
  • Fixed a minor issue in ApplicationDomain.getDefinition
  • Fixed "haxelib run openfl setup" when Lime is not installed
December 7, 2015
  • ByteArray is now abstract -- supports array access and to/from Bytes
  • Improved openfl.utils.Object to support array access and for loops
  • The Haxe externs for Flash target classes are now integrated/unified
  • Multiple inconsistencies with Flash have been resolved
  • Implemented initial support for sprite.hitArea
  • Re-wrote SimpleButton with more accurate API support
  • Repeated SharedObject "get" calls now return the same instance
  • Minor improvements to the Stage3D compatibility layer
  • Fixed incorrect hit testing with touch events
  • Fixed a premature start in projects that use only SWF libraries
  • Fixed a regression with graphics.cubicCurveTo support
  • Fixed the Tilesheet bounds calculation when TILE_TRANS_2x2 is used
  • -Dtelemetry now enables HxScout support on Neko as well
  • Ported behavior from legacy for native XMLSocket support
October 28, 2015
  • Fixed behavior of fillRect without alpha on non-transparent bitmapData
  • Fixed behavior of getColorBoundsRect on non-transparent bitmapData
  • Fixed red/blue color regression in some instances
  • Fixed transforms when using bitmapData.draw
  • Fixed support for Lime window scale (used on Mac retina)
  • Fixed a crash in Cairo rendering for near-zero dimensions
  • Fixed a null rect issue in OpenGL graphics drawTiles
  • Fixed access to System.totalMemory on HTML5
  • Fixed reference for default Noto Android font
  • Minor fixes for better scrollRect support
October 15, 2015
  • Preliminary support for custom DisplayObject shaders and filters on GL
  • Added support for netStream.close on HTML5
  • Fixed an issue where URLLoader would fail when there is no return data
  • Fixed an issue using bitmapData.fillRect and an invisible fill color
  • Fixed an issue with invisible images appearing on hit testing
  • Fixed native URLLoader requests to follow HTTP redirects
  • Fixed an issue with remote Loader requests on native
October 5, 2015
  • Updated for new Lime Joystick support
  • Updated to allow SWFLite frame-rate independent MovieClips
  • Added MovieClip addFrameScript
  • Improved the behavior of SimpleButton
  • Improved the behavior of getObjectsUnderPoint
October 2, 2015
  • Added support for object.FirstChild.SecondChild dynamic reference
  • Added FullScreenEvent for when the fullscreen status changes
  • Added minor tweaks to support Apple tvOS
  • Removed JoystickEvent (still available on legacy)
  • Improved the behavior of colorTransform concat
  • Improved openfl.utils.Object for better compatibility
  • Fixed a regression in reading values for graphics.lineBitmapStyle
  • Fixed displayObject mouseX/mouseY values when object not on stage
  • Fixed an edge case with bitmapData.getColorBoundsRect for 0 alpha
  • Fixed the position offset in graphics drawTiles on HTML5
September 23, 2015
  • Updated for Lime 2.6.5 changes
  • Changed gradient style to use Array for ratio, not Float
  • Improved quality of joint style for closed paths
  • Fixed use of deprecated Assets.load syntax (without using futures)
September 21, 2015
  • Improved support for native URLLoader binary data
  • Improved support for native URLLoader GET/POST
  • Improved hit testing against certain invisible shapes
  • Added a "resolve" method to MovieClip to improve dynamic use
  • Fixed some issues with improper positioning of Graphics
  • Reduced "unreachable code" warnings in Firefox
  • Fixed alpha blending on iOS
September 19, 2015
  • Improved the calculation of object bounds
  • Improved the quality of OpenGL scrollRect support
  • Added auto-saving of SharedObject instances on exit
  • Improved bounds calculations when using a miter joint
  • Improved support for TextField wordWrap
  • Fixed cases where invisible shapes took rendering time
  • Fixed support for lineStyle widths of zero
  • Added missing methods and properties for
  • Added Lime 2 accelerometer compatibility
  • Integrated new improvements to the Stage3D context
  • Added bounds calculation to drawTiles calls
  • Added support for colorTransform when using bitmapData.draw
  • Improved drawTiles on HTML5 to avoid an intermediate canvas element
  • Fixed some strange issues that occurred with invisible Graphics
  • Fixed an issue that prevented SWF assets from working on Flash
  • Made the Android back button move to background by default
  • Fixed a minor issue in TextField.getLineIndexAtPoint
  • Fixed a minor issue in TextField.getCharIndexAtPoint
  • Fixed issues that caused BitmapData to cache pixels too long
  • Fixed sound transform balance on HTML5 (some browsers)
  • Improved the Event.ADDED/REMOVED events
  • Began to implement a new "Tilemap" API
  • Reduced allocations made in the Graphics and TextField classes
September 8, 2015
  • Updated the DisplayObject matrix transform code
  • Improved openfl.Assets load calls to return Futures
  • Updated for the current Lime release
  • Improved URI support in the Socket implementation
  • Improved support for ctrlKey/controlKey in KeyboardEvent
  • Fixed black OpenGL textures on some devices
  • Implemented Capabilities.totalMemory
  • Added guards against potential null references (legacy)
August 26, 2015
  • Renamed bitmapData.__image to image, made it public
  • Added FileReference and FileReferenceList
  • Added proper shapeFlag support for graphic hit test
  • Added
  • Added clipRect support in bitmapData.draw
  • Improved hit testing of masked objects
  • Reduced allocations made in graphics render
  • Fixed bounds check when object is not visible
  • Fixed return value of displayObject.globalToLocal
  • Fixed URLLoader to return on the correct thread
  • Fixed render update handling in transform.colorTransform
  • Fixed calculation of textHeight with negative leading
  • Fixed bitmapData.getColorBoundsRect
  • Fixed support for scrollRect on bitmaps
  • Fixed support for -Dtelemetry builds
  • Fixed some issues when setting transform.matrix
  • Fixed some issues with scrollRect
  • Fixed regression in disabling smoothing on Firefox
  • Fixed canvas mask support for drawRoundRect
  • Fixed Event.ADDED_TO_STAGE order (legacy)
  • Fixed missing callback in Assets.loadLibrary (legacy)
August 20, 2015
  • Added support for multiple windows
  • Updated for Lime 2.6
  • Made continued improvements to the TextField implementation
  • Improved the rendering of pixel-based fonts
  • Fixed edge cases in text selection and replacement
  • Fixed support for multiple input text fields
  • Improved support for tabEnabled and stage.focus
  • Improved support for DOM input text
  • Restored SharedObject support
  • Added stage.application and OpenFL Application/Window classes
  • Improved hit testing for Graphics shapes
  • Made the DEACTIVATE event more consistent when exiting
  • Fixed support for eventDispatcher.hasEventListener in some cases
August 13, 2015
  • Brand-new, heavily improved TextField implementation
  • Greatly increased the accuracy of TextField rendering
  • Implemented all missing TextField methods
  • Added text input support for native
  • Added openfl.desktop.Clipboard
  • Improved hit test support
  • Reduced allocations for better GC (thanks HxScout!)
  • Made final classes @:final to improve consistency
  • Added support for bitmapData.hitTest
  • Added support for graphics.drawGraphicsData
  • Added support for <config:hxtelemetry port="" allocations="" />
  • Added stage.window for access to the parent Lime window
  • Implemented Capabilities screenResolutionX/screenResolutionY
  • Improved default font handling on Linux
  • Fixed for manual dispatchEvent calls
  • Fixed local Loader/URLLoader calls that have GET parameters
  • Fixed support for Font.enumerateFonts
July 23, 2015
  • Improved the accuracy of bitmapData.threshold
  • Minor improvements to Cairo rendering
  • Fixed an issue where Bitmap objects could stop scaling
  • Fixed possible infinite event dispatch loop
July 22, 2015
  • Updated OpenGLView.isSupported to report false in single canvas mode
  • Fixed a memory leak when using _sans, _serif and _typewriter fonts
  • Fixed possible black texture issue on some platforms
  • Fixed regression in bitmapData.draw
July 21, 2015
  • Moved BitmapData to premultiplied BGRA instead of unmultiplied RGBA
  • Drastically improved performance of bitmapData.draw
  • Reverted scrollRect/transform change from 3.1.2
  • Improved support for both local/remote assets in Loader/URLLoader
July 17, 2015
  • Updated for Lime 2.5 support
  • Changed bitmapData.draw to use Cairo/canvas instead of GL.readPixels
  • Improved support for GameInput APIs
  • Fixed some regressions in world matrix transform calculation
  • Made minor improvements to Cairo text leading
  • Fixed an issue with repeated bitmapData.draw calls using a matrix
  • Fixed a bug that could occur when using
July 13, 2015
  • Added support for bitmapData.scroll
  • Updated to support newer openfl-samples
  • Updated to include a default project icon
  • Fixed a regression in bitmapData.draw
  • Improved Assets.load* to share one background thread (legacy)
July 9, 2015
  • Improved Assets.load* to be asynchronous on native platforms
  • Improved URLLoader to be asynchronous on native platforms
  • Improved Loader to be asynchronous on native platforms
  • Improved scrollRect support in canvas and GL renderers
  • Fixed TextField bounds calculations in the Cairo renderer
  • Fixed over-multiplication of text in the Cairo renderer
  • Improved Loader to not be picky about file extensions (legacy)
  • Fixed support for hxscout (legacy)
July 2, 2015
  • Improved the behavior of EventDispatcher
  • Changed relevant TextFormat values to be Int, not Float
  • Improved support for TextField leading values
  • Improved multi-touch support on desktop targets
  • Improved support for using NEAREST filter mode in Stage3D
  • Fixed rendering when TextField autoSize increases the width
  • Fixed some issues that occurred with too-large alpha values
  • Fixed support for sound.length on native targets
  • Fixed support for keyboardEvent.keyLocation
June 8, 2015
  • Enabled Cairo graphics in GL mode by default
  • Added initial hooks for Haxe telemetry (hxscout)
  • Fixed bug in image premultiplication
  • Fixed black textures when mixing Cairo with OpenGL
  • Fixed crash in HTML5 when using sparse graphics
May 31, 2015
  • Guard hybrid Cairo + GL behavior behind #if cairo_graphics for now
May 30, 2015
  • Added hybrid Cairo + GL renderer support for native
  • Switched to use canvas graphics when targeting WebGL/HTML5
  • Many improvements to the Cairo renderer, improved canvas rendering
  • Improved GL blend mode support
  • Improved support for scrollRect
  • Added stage focus in and out events
  • Added an initial implementation of the GameInput API
  • Improved the behavior of
  • Improved add/remove event listener behavior when dispatching
  • Improved bounds check for bezier curves
  • Improved the behavior of mouse event buttonDown
  • Initial re-implementation of URLLoader for native
  • Added handling for Lime application.frameRate
  • Fixed SystemPath (legacy)
May 14, 2015
  • Fix regression in event dispatch behavior
May 13, 2015
  • Improved formatting for thrown errors on HTML5
  • Separated the behavior of event preventDefault from stopPropagation
  • Fixed the event dispatch order for DisplayObjectContainer
  • Fixed support for -Dhybrid using latest Lime release
May 12, 2015
  • Improved accuracy of HTML5 canvas Graphics renderer
  • Added support for window hardware=false
  • Added initial Cairo renderer support
  • Made big improvements to HTML5 canvas TextField input
  • Added MouseEvent.MOUSE_LEAVE event support
  • Improved HTML5 canvas linear gradient support
  • Improved Stage3D texture uploads
  • Implemented BitmapData.getColorBoundsRect
  • Improved checks for invalid BitmapData in Assets
  • Improved beginBitmapFill for GL Graphics
  • Improved pixel snapping support for GL rendering
  • Improved cleanup of native sound channels
  • Improved compatibility between Stage3D and internal GL rendering
  • Fixed HTML5 canvas scrollRect
  • Fixed handling of embedded fonts in some cases
  • Fixed some issues with bounds calculations
  • Fixed support for initial SoundTransform volume on native
  • Improved non-blocking HTTPS support (legacy)
April 21, 2015
  • Improved hit test when there are interactive and non-interactive matches
  • Improved accuracy of text metrics
  • Improved accuracy of GL TextField glyph positioning
  • Added wordWrap support to canvas TextField
  • Added handling of stage.focus on mouse down
  • Fixed the start time and loop count for native sounds
  • Fixed the behavior of sprite.contains to loop recursively
  • Fixed upside-down BitmapData in some cases when using GL bitmapData.draw
  • Fixed layering of GL bitmapData.draw over existing BitmapData contents
  • Improved performance of getRGBAPixels (legacy)
April 15, 2015
  • Improved handling of keyCode/charCode in keyboard events
  • Improved the frame timing when using hybrid mode
  • Improved the font lookup behavior of GL TextField
  • Added better auto-size left support to GL TextField
  • Added basic text line metrics in TextField
  • Added support for compilation with -Ddisable-cffi
  • Added dynamic DisplayObject field support for MovieClip
  • Fixed UVs when using drawTiles with bitmapData.draw (GL)
  • Fixed blendMode setting when using bitmapData.draw (GL)
April 9, 2015
  • Improved -Dhybrid support
  • Improved handling of key codes in events
  • Fixed alpha and blendMode for bitmapData.draw in GL
April 8, 2015
  • Added -Dhybrid support (Lime 2 + OpenFL legacy)
  • Added initial support for gradient fills in canvas
  • Added -Ddisable-legacy-audio for use with hybrid builds
  • Added -Ddisable-legacy-networking for use with hybrid builds
  • Improved the behavior of graphics.drawRoundRect in GL
  • Updated OpenFL legacy for use with Lime 2.3.1
  • Improved the transparency of bitmapData.draw renders in GL
  • Fixed the count for HTML5 sound looping
  • Fixed the solid and bitmap fill positioning in GL
  • Fixed displayObject.getBounds for objects with graphics
  • Fixed the default font paths used for Linux systems
  • Fixed displayObject.hitTestPoint to use stage (not local) coordinates
  • Added support for stage.softKeyboardRect in iOS (legacy)
March 26, 2015
  • Updated for Lime 2.3
  • Improved handling of default framebuffer on iOS
  • Fixed mapping of the meta/command key
  • Fixed System.exit
March 25, 2015
  • Added support for default fonts in GL TextField
  • Fixed an issue when unserializing SharedObjects
  • Fixed an issue when embedding images
  • Fixed builds when using "-Dlegacy" with the HTML5 target
  • Fixed the GL window background color
March 20, 2015

Legacy OpenFL v2 behavior is available using -Dv2 or -Dlegacy

  • Added support for Haxe 3.2
  • Added support for using OpenFL as a Lime module
  • Added initial support for GL colorTransform
  • Added initial support for GL masks
  • Added initial support for OpenGL BitmapData.draw
  • Added initial OpenGL TextField support
  • Added fullscreen toggle support
  • Implemented key modifiers for mouse events
  • Implemented support for mouse wheel events
  • Implemented Sound.fromFile
  • Made drawTiles respect the parent (x, y) position
  • Made drawTiles respect the parent alpha value
  • Made Stage inherit from DisplayObjectContainer, not Sprite
  • Fixed the implied (0, 0) start position in Graphics
  • Fixed line thickness evaluation in Graphics
  • Fixed an issue with SoundChannel peak in Neko
  • Improved support for node.js
March 2, 2015
  • Added modifier support to keyboard events

  • Added initial MOUSE_OVER/MOUSE_OUT support

  • Added initial SimpleButton support

  • Added initial input TextField support on HTML5

  • Added stage.softKeyboardRect for Android

  • Added support for Mac fullscreen keyboard shortcut

  • Fixed Tilesheet TILE_ROTATION

  • Fixed GLShader isValid/isInvalid

  • Fixed dead-code elimination with TextFormat class

  • Fixed GL.getParameter

February 20, 2015
  • Added TILE_BLEND_SUBTRACT to drawTiles

  • Updated the style of the default preloader

  • Restored support for displayObject.mask in HTML5

  • Improved handling of HTML5 loaderInfo.url

  • Improved calculation of HTML5 TextField height

  • Fixed issue calling "openfl" from a batch file

  • Fixed difficulty changing stage align/scaleMode

February 13, 2015
  • Added support for Emscripten

  • Minor Stage3D improvements

  • Improved handling of conflicting main class names

  • Fixed regression in HTML5 font asset embedding

February 11, 2015
  • Added initial alpha support for transform.colorTransform

  • Implemented Capabilities.version

  • Switched to Lime 2.1 System.getTimer where appropriate

  • Switched #if lime_legacy to #if !openfl_next, internally

  • Improved documentation

  • Improved Stage3D render-to-texture support

  • Improved the behavior of GL.getParameter

  • Fixed conflicts with projects that use an "app" package

  • Fixed support for the BlackBerry 10.3 simulator

  • Fixed SAMPLE_DATA sounds on Android

  • Fixed bindFramebuffer (null) behavior on iOS

January 22, 2015
  • Added bitmapData.encode

  • Added transform.matrix3D (using 2D matrix values for now)

  • Added openfl.system.TouchscreenType

  • Added graphics.drawPath

  • Added graphics.lineStyle with alpha support to canvas

  • Added support for Tilesheet.TILE_BLEND_ADD in canvas

  • Updated Sound.js, added error event dispatching for it

  • Combined js-flatten, DCE full and -minify for "html5 -final"

  • Reverted the Int32 change in bitmapData.getPixel32

  • Improved compatibility for the Stage3D layer

  • Improved bitmapData.getVector performance

  • Improved Lib.getTimer on Neko

  • Fixed the in Event.ADDED events

  • Fixed sprite.getBounds (null)

January 13, 2015
  • Added support for creating new empty SoundChannel instances

  • Added support for bitmapData.merge()

  • Added Event.COMPLETE/IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR events to Sound

  • Merged in the Away3D compatibility layer for Stage3D

  • Improved compatibility with Haxe dead-code elimination

  • Improved the correctness of getPixels/setPixels

  • Improved text align for HTML5 canvas TextField

  • Improved the load order for native fonts

  • Fixed a minor issue in the Flash/HTML5 preloader

  • Fixed large bitmapData.getPixel32() values on Neko

  • Fixed the color order for getRGBAPixels

January 2, 2015
  • Improved the behavior of getObjectsUnderPoint

  • Fixed an error in Graphics.lineStyle on Neko

January 1, 2015
  • Now the document class is added to stage before new ()

  • Expanded Capabilities to better match the Flash API

  • Expanded Capabilities to better match the Flash API

  • Improved the hitTest logic for both Sprite and Shape

  • Fixed inline text styles in HTML5 TextField

  • Fixed Matrix.createBox

  • Fixed Matrix.createBox

December 31, 2014
  • Added MouseEvent.DOUBLE_CLICK event

  • Added Mouse hide/show support

  • Added support for buttonMode/useHandCursor

  • Added Point.copyFrom

  • Updated the behavior of SampleDataEvent

  • Updated to match Flash 12 addEventListener behavior

  • Migrated to the "next" EventDispatcher to fix issues

  • Moved "pixelSnapping" from DisplayObject to Bitmap

  • Updated BitmapData.getRGBAPixels

  • Updated to match Flash 12 addEventListener behavior

  • Minor fix for development Haxe releases

  • Improved the behavior of getRect and related functions

  • Improved the behavior of getObjectsUnderPoint

  • Improved Graphics.lineStyle color

  • Improved the behavior of MouseEvent.DOUBLE_CLICK

  • Fixed font.fontName for embedded HTML5 fonts

  • Fixed when clicking a Bitmap

  • Fixed BitmapData getPixels/paletteMap

  • Fixed removeEventListener on Neko

  • Fixed support for Windows icons

  • Fixed BitmapData paletteMap

  • Fixed removeEventListener on Neko

December 21, 2014
  • Implemented improvements for beta Java support

  • Fixed positioning for DOM shape rendering

  • Fixed the "dirty" flag on HTML5 TextField

December 4, 2014
  • Added non-op Graphics.cubicCurveTo for compatibility

  • Restored middle/right mouse button events

  • Improved Graphics.drawRoundRect

  • Improved OpenGL Tilesheet.drawTiles

  • Fixed HTML5 support of

  • Fixes for DisplayObject.hitTestObject

  • Fixed compilation when is imported

November 20, 2014
  • Added OpenGL Tilesheet.drawTiles

  • Added OpenGLView.dispose() (similar to "next")

  • Made other improvements OpenGL Graphics class

  • Removed v2 openfl.Vector, preferring the "next" implementation

  • Improved the openfl.Assets cache

  • Improved OpenGL Graphics.drawTriangles

  • Improved Graphics.drawRect on canvas

  • Improved openfl.Vector array access in Neko

  • Improved openfl.display.SimpleButton

  • Improved the openfl.Assets cache

  • Improved cleanup in openfl.display.LoaderInfo

  • Fixed API documentation script

  • Fixed a divide-by-zero issue in Matrix3D.decompose

  • Fixed typed array use in GL uniformMatrix

November 1, 2014
  • Matrix fix in OpenGL display list rendering

  • Embedded fonts are now automatically registered

  • Embedded fonts are now automatically registered

  • Improved OpenGL Graphics rendering

  • Improved font handling to use true font names

  • Improved font handling to use true font names

October 28, 2014
  • Fixed masking in canvas renderer

  • Fixed Assets.getText when asset is type BINARY

October 23, 2014
  • Added support for the "openfl" command again

  • Improvements to OpenGL Graphics.drawTriangles

  • Fixed install of Lime using "openfl setup"

October 20, 2014
  • Added support for <library path="" preload="" />

  • Added support for Tilesheet TILE_RECT

  • Made Matrix3D use openfl.Vector instead of flash.Vector for consistency

  • Improved code completion in FlashDevelop

  • Fixed mapping of openfl.geom.Matrix3D to flash.geom.Matrix3D

  • Fixed mapping of openfl.geom.Orientation3D to flash.geom.Orientation3D

October 16, 2014
  • Fixed openfl.display.OpenGLView

  • Fix compilation of openfl.utils.JNI when not targeting Android

October 14, 2014
  • Added Graphics.drawTiles

  • Added openfl.geom.Orientation3D

  • Added OpenGL premultiplied alpha

  • Added DisplayObject.hitTestPoint

  • Added Graphics.drawRoundRect

  • Added initial OpenGL Graphics API support

  • Added OpenGL BitmapData support

  • Added Graphics.copyFrom

  • Migrated Flash and native (-Dnext) to Lime 2.0

  • Unified each target backend under a single openfl.* class set

  • Preserved the older native backend under openfl._v2, used by default

  • Using -Djs-flatten on HTML5

  • Initial version (using Lime legacy)

  • Improved Tilesheet.drawTiles

  • Improved openfl.geom.Matrix3D

  • Improved embedded asset behavior

  • Improved OpenGL display list support

  • Fixed ArrayBufferView

  • Fixed loading of images with GET parameters

June 24, 2014
  • Added joystick input filtering to prevent redundant events

  • Added a userAgent property for

  • Added

  • Added BitmapData paletteMap, threshold and histogram

  • Added BitmapData getVector/setVector

  • Added Sprite startDrag/stopDrag

  • Added using web sockets

  • Added a "count" parameter to Tilesheet.drawTiles

  • Added an initial WebGL renderer

  • Added a non-op userAgent property for compatibility

  • Migrated to the new Lime 2.0, removed unnecessary code

  • Minor fixes for ExternalInterface

  • Improved compatibility of

  • Improved BitmapData.copyPixels

  • Improved Graphics bitmap fill

  • Improved openfl.Vector for older Haxe releases

  • Fixed TextField multiline support in canvas

  • Fixed webfont handling (Chrome)

  • Fixed CSS transforms (Chrome)

  • Fixed fullscreen stageWidth/stageHeight in DOM mode

May 29, 2014
  • Added a new fast Vector implementation

  • Added Assets.list

  • Added Event.isDefaultPrevented

  • Added support for OpenGLView when targeting HTML5 -Ddom

  • Added support for HTML5 "dependencies" to link additional scripts

  • Implemented support for live asset reloading (desktop)

  • Many consistency improvements between target backends

  • Combined "openfl-native" and "openfl-html5" into one "openfl" library

  • Move from "flash" to "openfl" for all classes

  • Exposed "openfl.embed" to allow control of HTML5 embeds from JavaScript

  • Improved the behavior of FocusEvent

  • Improved the behavior of Event.CHANGE on native

  • Fixed issues in the Android JNI class

  • Fixed focus event behavior

  • Fixed ByteArray embedding in HTML5

  • Fixed coordinates reported from HTML5 touch events

  • Fixed an issue with Stage focus when leaving the Flash preloader

April 30, 2014
  • Implemented "scrollRect" support for DOM (-Ddom) projects

  • Increased caching to change styles less often when using DOM rendering

  • Optimized flash.display.Graphics to not render when a fill is fully transparent

  • No longer keep events queue, allow events to dispatch immediately

  • Improved the behavior of "textWidth" and "textHeight" for flash.text.TextField

  • Improved HTML text when using DOM renderering

  • Fix for "over bubbling" of certain events

  • Fixed cases where world transforms could be invalid when calculating positions and sizes

  • Fixed z-ordering for DOM rendered projects

April 25, 2014
  • Added openfl.display.DOMSprite

  • Added Event.ADDED and Event.REMOVED events

  • Added a much smarter system for managing dirty transforms

  • Implemented support for

  • Implemented better measurement for flash.text.TextField

  • Implemented flash.ui.Mouse "show" and "hide"

  • Improvements to DOM render caching behavior

  • Improved the behavior of "scrollRect" for flash.display.DisplayObject

  • Fixed "border" and "background" properties for flash.text.TextField

  • Fixed cases where flash.display.Graphics was considered invisible and not rendered

  • Fixes for alpha fades on flash.display.Sprite or flash.display.Shape "graphics"

  • Fixes for flash.display.Graphics lines

  • Fix when embedding assets of type "music"

  • Fixed a small error in flash.display.BitmapData "copyPixels"

April 22, 2014
  • Added Event.ACTIVATE and Event.DEACTIVATE when leaving/entering window

  • Added "copyFrom" and "setTo" for flash.geom.Matrix

  • Added "copyFrom" to flash.geom.Rectangle and fixed internal "expand" method

  • Added "unload" to and "invalidate" to flash.display.Stage

  • Added support for older Haxe releases, tested on Haxe 3.1, possibly compatible with 3.0

  • Added Event.ADDED_TO_STAGE event for the document class

  • Added support

  • Added initial "scrollRect" support for flash.display.DisplayObject

  • Added initial support for bitmap fill matrix in flash.display.Graphics

  • Updated to new OpenFL logo and icon

  • Install hxcpp instead of hxlibc during setup

  • Now accepts both Array and Float32Array values, where appropriate

  • Implemented "cullFace" in, as well as other minor fixes

  • Implemented "followRedirects" in, still true by default

  • Implemented "responseHeaders" in

  • Set hxcpp critical errors to throw in Haxe instead of stderr in debug builds

  • Copied additional classes from "openfl-html5-dom"

  • Changed flash.display.DisplayObject to allow override of more core properties

  • Skipped creation of a canvas for flash.display.Graphics with a size of zero

  • Created a DOM render path (use -Ddom while compiling or )

  • Silenced keyLocation warnings on certain browsers

  • Toggling canvas smoothing based upon "smoothing" value of flash.display.Bitmap

  • Switched from Howler.js to SoundJS for audio backend

  • Implemented support for automatically embedding of webfonts

  • Disabled "image drag" behavior in Firefox

  • Populating the "content" property of flash.display.Loader

  • Consistency fixes to the event capture/target/bubble implementation

  • Made KeyboardEvents dispatch through the currently focused object

  • Improved the "transform.matrix" property for flash.display.DisplayObject

  • Fixed lime_bitmap_data_set_flags to use the right number of parameters

  • Fixed a position offset error in openfl.utils.UInt8Array

  • Fix (possible) infinite loop in flash.display.BitmapData.floodFill

  • Fix bounds calculation for display objects

  • Fixed issue when using "drawTiles" with tiles with a width or height <= 0

  • Fixed "rect" for flash.display.BitmapData

  • Fixed bubbling for manually dispatched events

  • Fixed bounds checking for objects that have an alpha of 0 but are visible

March 18, 2014
  • Added Firefox OS support

  • Added initial stereoscopic 3D support

  • Added a brand-new HTML5 target, too many improvements to list!

  • Minor fixes for

  • Improved the Assets.embedBitmap macro

  • Improved default Flash preloader

  • Fixed Assets.getBitmapData when the BitmapData was disposed

  • Fixed touch event duplication

March 4, 2014
  • Add references for JoystickEvent.DEVICE_ADDED and JoystickEvent.DEVICE_REMOVED

  • Add "currentFPS" to openfl.display.FPS

  • Add "count" parameter for openfl.display.Tilesheet drawTiles

  • Added support for JoystickEvent.DEVICE_ADDED and JoystickEvent.DEVICE_REMOVED

  • Added "setTo" to flash.geom.Rectangle

  • Added support for Android "immersive mode"

  • Added "count" parameter to openfl.display.Tileshet drawTiles

  • Added flash.display.FrameLabel

  • Do not add --no-inline to Flash debug builds (this can be added on the command-line)

  • Remove custom UInt type, since Haxe 3.1 supports UInt

  • Restore Flash UInt types, since Haxe now converts between Int and UInt naturally

  • Updated for automated builds:

  • flash.filters.GlowFilter no longer extends flash.filters.DropShadowFilter

  • Dispatch MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER/MOUSE_OUT/ROLL_OVER/ROLL_OUT events when using touch as well

  • Updates to

  • Updates to improve support for pre-multiplied alpha

  • Moved template files to Lime

  • Improved working directory behavior in Linux

  • Improvements to threaded audio behavior

  • Improvements to "paletteMap" in flash.display.BitmapData

  • Improved Android timing scheme to prevent over-eager render or update calls

  • Fix behavior of "removeChildren" in flash.display.DisplayObjectContainer

  • Fixes to Android joystick handling, supporting newer OUYA gamepad hardware

  • Fixed support for "perlinNoise" in flash.display.BitmapData

  • Fixes to

December 31, 2013
  • Minor fix for haxe.Timer

  • Minor fix in Android showKeyboard

  • Prevented infinite loop in EventDispatcher

  • Minor compile fixes

  • Improved handling of

  • Fixed case where Assets.getMusic could return disposed sound

December 18, 2013
  • Added Rectangle.setTo

  • Added DisplayObjectContainer.removeChildren

  • Merged the "create project" template into OpenFL

  • Cleaned up the run scripts to rely upon Lime

  • Updated for Tizen emulator support

  • Minor compile fixes

  • Improved handling of haxe.Timer

  • Fix case where Assets.getSound could return disposed sound

  • Fixed support for GIF images

December 10, 2013
  • Added a new Tizen target

  • Added Assets.getMusic

  • Added support for threaded audio streaming

  • Added BitmapData.paletteMap

  • Added stage.color

  • Added Stage.color

  • Minor improvement to Android -debug handling

  • Minor compile fixes

  • Improved support for UncaughtErrorEvent

  • Improved ErrorEvent

  • Fixed case where tiny text rendered improperly

  • Fixed issues in openfl.utils.JNI

  • Fix to Sound bytesLoaded/bytesTotal

  • Fixes for

  • Fixed Bitmap reference optimization

  • Fixed ByteArray.writeBytes

November 5, 2013
  • Minor fixes

  • Improved support for OpenAL audio

November 2, 2013
  • Add a cap to Android framerate to <= 60 FPS for better performance

  • Add hook for GL readPixels

  • Fixed Stage.quality setting

  • Fix file boundaries when streaming sound on Android

October 31, 2013
  • Added DisplayObjectContainer.removeChildren

  • Made improvements to typed arrays

  • Improved handling of unsupported filters

  • Fixed _sans for OS X Mavericks and iOS 7

October 27, 2013
  • Added ARMv7 binaries for Android by default

  • Added Matrix3D.copyFrom

  • Added GL.getExtension

  • Updated OpenAL for Android

  • Minor fixes

  • Fixed OpenAL audio looping

  • Fixed openfl.Assets embedded assets

October 26, 2013
  • Added a new "asset library" system

  • Added Assets isLocal, exists, getPath

  • Added Assets loadBitmapData, loadFont, loadSound

  • Added Assets loadText, loadBytes

  • Added Assets.cache.enabled

  • Added Tilesheet getTileCenter, getTileRect, getTileUVs

  • Added support for middle and right mouse events

  • Added 64-bit Neko support

  • Added additional iOS icon sizes

  • Added JNI.createInterface

  • Added a non-op SharedObject.close for compatibility

  • Added

  • Added Point.setTo

  • Added "target" support in Lib.getURL

  • Starting caching fonts and sounds in addition to BitmapData

  • Made it easier to override default OpenFL backends

  • Moved to SDL2 and OpenAL on Windows, Mac and Linux

  • Moved to OpenAL on Android

  • Created a new Android extension system

  • Made the Android permissions dynamic

  • Moved to a standard trace(), removed override

  • Improved the "openfl rebuild" command

  • Improved

  • Fixed --no-traces on Android

  • Fixed NMEFont, renamed to AbstractFont

  • Fixed ByteArray.readUTFBytes on Neko

  • Fixed support of dead-code elimination

  • Fixes for SoundChannel

  • Fixed target/relatedObject for MOUSE_OVER events

  • Fixed <assets path="" embed="true" />

  • Fixed getObjectUnderPoint when using scaled bitmaps

  • Fixed SoundChannel Event.SOUND_COMPLETE

August 30, 2013
  • Implemented many openfl.utils.JNI improvements

  • Improved the behavior of Stage.frameRate for consistency

  • Improved handling of the iOS status bar

  • Added and

  • Improved relative path handling on Windows and Linux

  • Forwarding defines when using "openfl rebuild"

  • Improved handling of SWF assets

  • Improved API documentation

  • Improved the FPS counter

  • Fixed support for Mac64 NDLL type

July 23, 2013
  • Added support for overriding target backends

  • Added Point.setTo

  • Added Rectangle copyFrom, toString

  • Added Matrix copyFrom, copyRowTo, copyRowFrom

  • Added Matrix copyColumnTo, copyColumnFrom, setTo, toString

  • Added flash.external.ExternalInterface

  • Improved bitmapData.dispose

  • Improved Lib.getURL

  • Improved handling of touch and mouse events

  • Fixed a rare issue in the static initialization order

  • Fixed displayObjectContainer.contains

  • Fixed loaderInfo.parameters

  • Added improvements to gamepad support

  • Minor Graphics path fix

  • Other minor fixes

  • Improve mouse and touch event coordinates

  • Improvements to DisplayObjectContainer behavior

  • Improved Graphics.drawRoundRect

  • Improved focus and keyboard event handling

  • Fixed handling of UInt type

  • Fixed keyboard for Android 2.3

  • Fix DisplayObjectContainer .visible handling

  • Added improvements for OUYA

  • Update x/y values when setting transform matrices

  • Improved the "openfl setup" command

  • Fixed recovery from a width and height of zero

  • Added joystick support for Android

  • Added ByteArray.toString

  • Fixed handling of inline macros

  • Fixed default ALT+ENTER behavior on Windows and Linux

June 19, 2013
  • Minor code completion fixes

  • Improved handling of applicationDomain