Release Notes of Release Notes CLI Tool

Release-notes-cli is the command line interface tool for working with release notes; an easy to use, human readable and machine processable schema for release notes.

January 31, 2018

Improve changelog support and integrate the api.

  • Add support for publishing release notes from the CLI. #17

  • Integrate auto publish of release notes to our CI pipeline.

  • Introduce conversion type changelog for generating keepachangelog style's. #8

December 19, 2017

Convert release notes into json and read's

  • Abstract converter command in order to ease implemenation of 3rd party convertes.

  • Introduce json converter. (release-notes/release-notes-cli#4)

  • Introduce release-notes converter #14.

  • Add -f alias for file parameter on convert and validate subcommands.

  • Introduce init command for initializing release notes. (#11)

  • Introduce markdown reader in convert command #14.

  • The command will fail when no or an invalid argument is given. (#9)

  • Remove --version|-v parameter from subcommands - it's now only awailable on root command.

  • Upgrade dependencies `[email protected]to[email protected]`.

August 6, 2017

Read and validate release notes in draft v0.2.0

  • Introduce release-notes validate command.

  • Introduce release-notes help command.

  • Introduce release-notes version command.

  • Basic cli tool setup based on yargs.

  • Add MIT license.

  • Introduce these release notes.