Release Notes of the Hub

Release-notes-hub is a hosting service for "Release Notes" - an easy to use, human readable and machine processable schema for release notes.

September 18, 2018

Teams :tada:

  • Add support for publishing release notes to different teams.

  • Fix sorting of newest release notes on front page.

February 19, 2018

Changelog file support and API :tada:

  • Introduce page view tracking with self hosted piwik.(#3)

  • Add support for publishing files. #38

  • Introduce API with first /publish endpoint. #35

  • Add support for signing in via google. #8

December 14, 2017

This release improves the overall UI/UX and code quality and introduces authentication via github.

  • Introduce badge and markdown for embedding. (#22)

  • Add imprint.

  • Introduce static asset revisioning by appending content hash to filename.

  • Serve roboto webfont to remove external deps and to optimize performance.

  • Inline material design svg icons.

  • Add support for signing up w/o username. (#11)

  • Add support for managing private auth tokens. (#30)

  • Add support for signing in via github. (#7)

  • Add support for rendering markdown in release notes.

  • Rework overall page layout.

  • Treat username case insensitive. (#11)

  • Upgrade from node 6 to 8 (latest LTS).

  • Upgrade code to use async/await instead of callbacks.

September 29, 2017

This release introduces a new logo and adds support for broadcasting notifications.

  • Add /mit-license page for displaying the applying oss license. (#14)

  • Redirect the user to the previously requested url after successfull login. (#16)

  • Setup status page (

  • Add support for subscriptions (subscribe/unsubscribe). (#4)

  • New origami pigeon logo and introduction of /credits page.

  • Add support for broadcasting release notes update notifications to email subscribers. (#9)

September 12, 2017

This release improves form validation and adds support for updating release notes.

  • Add support for publishing a new revision of existing release-notes. (#5)

  • Introduce backend form validation. Restrict user and release note names to numbers, letters and dashes.

  • Added help info on form fields.

September 1, 2017

MVP implementation

  • MIT license.

  • Display most recently updated release notes on home screen.

  • Introduce accounts & session based auth.

  • Upload & rendering of release notes.

  • Styles based on bulma css framework.

  • Basic express/kermit setup.

  • Introduce these release notes.